If you’re like many women, you love your jewelry collection. Jewelry is the proverbial cherry on top of any great outfit. In fact, you can totally change the vibe of any getup with a switch of your jewelry. You can dress up a basic t-shirt and jeans with the right necklace and earring combination. While investing in fine jewelry that will last a lifetime is smart, any sartorialist knows that having fun and playing with accessories trends is an affordable way to stay on trend without investing in a new closet full of clothing. If you’re looking for an upgrade to your jewelry box and want to stay on summer trends, keep reading for all the jewelry trends you should try this year.

6 Jewelry Trends You Should Try Today - watches, trends, luxury, jewelry, crystal, chokers

Sweet Like Candy

For many people, their love of jewelry starts at a young age in stores like Claires or even local toy shops with dress-up jewelry. This year, fulfill your need for nostalgia by covering yourself with jewelry that 12-year-old you would’ve loved, but make it adult. From necklaces to rings, bold and colorful, almost candy-like jewelry is in, with plenty of designers even creating pieces that look like candy. Necklaces with gummy bear charms and post earrings in bright or pastel, even puffy shapes are a great way to add a pop of color and whimsy to your aesthetic.

Fringe Benefits

While fringe bags, vests, and even boots have become a trend over the last few years, the look is now parlaying to our accessories. This breezy, retro vibe adds movement to your outfit, from fringe necklaces to earrings. Fringe earrings, while appearing rather large, are a great option for people who don’t like a lot of weight on their earlobe, as most are lightweight. Fringe necklaces look effortlessly cool with a v-neck tee and dresses alike.

Stacks on Stacks

Layering necklaces has been having a moment for the last couple of years, but let’s face it, this trend can be frustrating as necklaces are easily tangled and damaged trying to master the trend. Stacking rings is where it’s at now. Silver and gold rings for women look great set on top of each other on the same finger. You can mix more minimal bands with chunkier bands in fun colors or with gemstones. Have fun stacking several rings on one finger and wearing a more statement ring on the opposite hand. Rings are the things right now.


As with other areas of fashion right now, the nineties are back in full swing. While Doc Martens may be on their way out, chokers have proven to have some serious staying power. You can go as dainty as a colored ribbon around your neck to a more statement-making choker with a cameo or other charm in its center. Chokers may feel too youthful, but you’d be surprised how chic this necklace style looks on all age types.

Crystal Clear

Crystal jewelry is not only for upscale events anymore. From fast fashion houses to major designers like McQueen, giant crystals are a fun yet colorless way to add sparkle to your outfit. You can opt for oversized crystal earrings or a massive crystal statement necklace. Even though the jewelry is translucent, it makes a big impact. This trend is on fire right now, making it easy to find most brands that match your personal style.

Luxury Watches

While this trend is much more of an investment than the above-mentioned styles, it’s still worth considering. If you’ve been looking for your next splurge-worthy wardrobe piece, think about making it a high-end watch. Big, expensive watches are something that not only keeps you punctual they’ll last a lifetime. The old cliche about inheriting your grandfather’s watch is worth the investment on your end for what could potentially become a family heirloom. Spend time perusing the sites of luxury brands or watch designers and budget for a beautiful new watch.

The jewelry you wear daily is always a solid investment, but make sure you invest in some of the above-mentioned trends to keep your style current with minimal effort. With so many people opting for uniform or capsule dressing these days, jewelry is the answer to switching things up. Happy Shopping!