Decorating a wedding reception in a way that can be featured on social sites, such as Pinterest and Instagram, can be an expensive and daunting affair unless you are a professional athlete or celebrity.

6 Great Tips for Decorating a Wedding Reception - wedding, umbrellas, reception, photos, decorations

You might assume that Instagram-worthy weddings are out of your price range. However, with a few innovative problem-solving tips, like the following, you can easily decorate a wedding reception:

1. Incorporate Plants

Weddings are expensive, and having beautiful plantscaping is part of that cost. But the good news is that you can save and get your desired décor.

Event plant rentals are often overlooked, yet they offer an amazing option for various reasons. You won’t just save your money. They are more sustainable, and renting some involves less work.

2. Create a Wall of Photos

When it comes to inexpensive décor that serves as a good conversation starter, a wall of photos can be a perfect option. Create a welcoming and warm atmosphere by simply including wedding pictures of your grandparents and parents.

Also, consider creating a scrapbook about your romance. This way, you can save money and give your home a more personal touch.

3. Add Some Amazing Props

The best way to make any wedding reception magical is to make everything about you as much as possible. That said, when decorating a wedding décor, don’t stop at amazing hessian bunting, tableware, and floral displays. Instead, be sure to include props that reflect your personality and that of your loved one as well.

If you are stuck with some ideas, you can opt for a simple installation, such as a wall of family pictures. This will be a perfect addition to places like guestbook signing areas.

4. Opt for Table Decorations

Your guests are going to spend a lot of time at the table. Therefore, consider wedding decoration ideas to make those tables more attractive.

Cleaned-out milk bottles and jam jars with beautiful flowers will create a perfect talking point, the same case with decorative bird cages or lanterns filled with some tea lights.

5. Use Ribbon Decorations

Basically, ribbons are one of the versatile decorations that come in different textures, prints, colors, and sizes. You may use them in various ways so as to create an interesting effect at the wedding reception. Simply tie them behind the chairs for a unique effect or to create elaborate designs in the ceremony’s backdrop.

6. Work with Umbrellas

For a simply adorable, fun, and unique wedding centerpiece, there’s a perfect solution – use umbrellas. These umbrellas don’t just make wedding themes unpredictable and unique. They also work perfectly for both outdoor and indoor wedding settings.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to styling a venue for a wedding, less is usually more. Several key elements, such as ribbon decorations, table decorations, plants, and a wall of photos, are more well-received than an overload of decorations. So, make sure you carefully choose several of them to reflect your style and personality.