Are you looking to organize a party in the Boston area? Well, the first step is to get a nice party bus, such as those by Price 4 Limo, a respected and trusted company in this market. Their buses come with all the amenities you would want in a party such as top quality music systems, nice seats among other amenities. Search online for price 4 limo and party bus of Boston and get more information about their services. Once you get the right bus, what do you do next? Well, for most people, the expectation is to order lots of alcohol among other ‘cool stuff’. However, you can get creative, and use the party bus to visit cool places in the Boston area. Boston has lots of amazing places that would leave everyone in the trip happy. To narrow it down for you, here are 6 best things to see while traveling in a Boston party bus.

6 Best Things To See While Traveling In a Boston Party Bus - visit, td garden, party, freedom trail, fenway park, faneuil hall, drive, bus, boylston street, boston, beacon hill

1. Visit the TD Garden

If the group organizing for a bus party are sports fans, you should make sure to visit the garden. This is one of the biggest stadiums in Boston and home to some of the most famous sports teams in the U.S.A. For instance, it is home to teams such as the Boston Celtics. Won’t it be cool to visit the stadium where world-renowned athletes ply their trade?

2. Drive through Faneuil Hall

This is an amazing place to visit while on a party bus.  Faneuil Hall was built in the 1700s as a public market, and it is still a public market. While there, you will get to see amazing dancers entertaining crowds. It is also an amazing place to grab some food, as you continue with your tour of the city.

3. Fenway Park

Fenway Park is another amazing place to visit while in Boston.  This is home to the Boston Red Sox, one of the most recognized baseball teams in the world. Fenway Park has a rich history of baseball and still has some of the tools used in baseballs past, such as the hand-operated scoreboard. It’s an amazing site to see while on a Boston party bus tour.

4. Freedom trail

While on a bus party in Boston, you should take the opportunity to visit freedom trail and learn a few things about U.S history. It may sound boring, but it actually a nice place to visit on your bus tour. It can help reignite your patriotism, and understand the importance of the ideals of freedom that America stands for.

5. Pass through Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is an amazing place to see while on a Boston party bus. It gives you a feel of American wealth, as well as its cultural diversity. While driving through this place, you will get to see where old money lives, and how it seamlessly integrates with immigrant communities. It is an inspiring place to see while you enjoy yourself in the Boston tour.

6. Visit Boylston Street

A bus party would not be complete without going through the party street of Boston, and that’s Boylston Street. It’s the one street to pass by for drinks as you tour Boston. Besides, you can do a little club-hopping here, before moving on with the tour.