15 Fantastic DIY Summer Dress Designs With Sewing Tutorials

There’s no point in asking if you have enough dresses for the summer because the answer is always no. But you don’t always have to spend a lot of money on expensive dresses, especially on ones that you only intend to wear at home or to the beach, park or on a picnic. Instead, you can start sewing your own casual dresses for the summer. The benefits of doing this are very clear.
First of all, you save money but that is not the only reason to DIY your own summer dress. By sewing it by yourself, you have a lot more freedom in making the design. You don’t like how something looks? Don’t add it. You want a different accent color? No problem.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY projects in which we want to show you how to sew these 15 Fantastic DIY Summer Dress Designs With Sewing Tutorials. Perhaps the best part about the dresses that you’ll see below is that they come together with complete and free patterns and tutorials that will show you how to sew them by yourself. They are perfect for beginners as well as an expert. Check them out and treat yourself a new summer dress!

1. Kimono Sundress

2. Handpainted Front Zip Lemon Dress

3. Easy Caftan Dress

4. Halter Maxi DIY Summer Dress

5. Tee Dress In A Woven Simple Summer Sew

6. Strapless Blue Dress

7. Coral Off The Sleeve Summer Dress

8. Easy Knit Sundress

9. Summer Swing Dress

10. Beach Towel Dress

11. Flower Dress

12. Hi Lo Bandeau Dress

13. Fiona Summer Dress

14. Summer Float Dress

15. Boho Maxi Dress

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