As a college student, we all have the dream of buying a fancy looking bike from the beginning days. Have you bought your first bike yet? So what accessories have you installed in your bike to keep it safe?

5 Tips To Use A Gps Tracker For Biking - tracker, ride, monitor, gps, card, bike, battery

Everyone invests a big amount while buying their favorite bike. When a bike gets stolen, the owner faces a big loss. It can take several months to buy another bike as vehicles are so expensive these days.

If you have a bike then buying a bike Gps tracker is a must security step you should take. But what if you don’t know how to use it properly? No worries. My team got you covered!

Let’s know 5 amazing tips to use a GPS tracker.

5 Tips To Use A Gps Tracker

Practice Your Rides: You can use your Gps computer such as the edge 530 by Garmin to record your speed, distance, and time to practice your rides which helps you to improve in biking. You can also use it for your physical exercises.

Battery: Most Gps trackers won’t come with batteries. You have to use your bike’s battery for your Gps tracker. If you own a scooter style bike then your battery should be on the front side, below the headlight. If your bike is a regular bike then the battery should be in the middle and below the seat. Connect your bike’s battery with the Gps device.

However, if you’re paying more for your bike GPS device it should come with its own battery.

Choosing The Right Sim Card: Without a sim card, you can’t achieve connectivity. Most of the GPS trackers need a sim card for location transmission and receiving commands so your Gps can turn on some advanced features. Make sure you’re getting the best network provider for your bike GPS.

Gps Tracker Installation: A Gps tracker keeps your bike safe from thieves. If it ever gets stolen, you can track the location of your bike and get it back easily. But if you don’t install your Gps tracker in a hidden place, then the thief can turn off the Gps device. You can install the device under the bike seat but it’s a commonly used place and thieves can easily find it out. You can install it inside your bike’s handlebar, so thieves can’t get a hint about it and you can easily track your bike.

Monitor Your Driver’s Behaviour: Many bike ride service companies have been developed in the past few years all around the world. The company can track all their bike rider’s location along with some other information like the average speed and the riding style. This allows the companies to provide security to their consumers which helps the company to grow fast in the industry.

Why Are Bike GPSs So Expensive?

This is because bike GPSs mostly come with their own batteries. A car Gps runs by drawing power from the car battery; this is why they are less expensive than a Bike GPS. Moreover, bike GPS needs to be smaller, lighter in weight, and waterproof. A bike GPS also needs to connect all other sensors and they also have a smaller market than other GPS devices. You can definitely see why bike GPS units are more expensive than others.


So this is how to use your Gps trackers in so many ways. The thing that makes it so essential to install a Gps for your bike is saving it from mishaps. The edge 530 by Garmin is a perfect GPS computer to install in your bike which keeps your bike safe and also comes with so many advanced features.

These 5 tips to use a GPS tracker for biking can make your Gps experience get more pleasant and easier. Make sure you’re buying a waterproof GPS device for your bike as you leave your bike outdoors most of the time.