5 Tips To Choosing The Best Floor Standing Speakers - speakers, home improvement, floor speakers

Floor standing or tower speakers are long-standing speakers that are conducive to in home stereo use or theatre setups. They produce quality sound that is precious to the ear. They have exemplary performance and are a must-have if you want to own a professional entertainment setup. Here are 5 tips to choosing the best floor standing speakers:

1.Check On The Drivers

Floor standing speakers have several drivers that relay sound via vibration to allow for a large array of sound. The types of drivers vary in the different floor standing speakers. Basically, there are 4 driver types each serving a specific frequency range. There are the tweeter drivers which are small and emit high-frequency sounds ranging from 2,000 to 30,000Hz.

There are the midrange drivers with sound frequencies ranging between 500 to 2,000Hz. There is the woofer driver with low-frequency sounds ranging between 40 to 1000HZ and the subwoofer drivers which magnify bass sound and range between 20 and 200Hz.

2.The Cabinet Construction

Cabinet construction is worth looking at when choosing the best floor standing speaker. The cabinet’s construction should be anti-resonant in that it is sturdy and won’t distort sound by vibrating from the sound being emitted by the drivers.

Careful consideration should also be given to how the material of the cabinet and the finish will fit into the room’s aesthetics. The cabinet’s footing matters as well. Consider getting padded feet if your room has hard floors.

There are different cabinet configurations which vary with the number of drivers they contain namely the two-way speakers, the three-way speakers, and the four-way speakers.

3.The Speaker’s Size

You need to choose the best floor standing speaker that will fit well in the space you intend to place it in. The bigger the speaker is, the louder the sound it will produce. A bigger room will need bigger speakers while smaller rooms will need smaller sized floor standing speakers. But if you are a big fan of loud sound, you can still go for large-sized speakers in a small room.

4.Check On Speaker Specifications

It’s important to check on a floor standing speaker specifications and to understand what each specification means to you. Check on specs like frequency response which is the frequency range that the speaker is capable of producing. There is impedance which measures the current resistance that impacts the load emitted from the amplifier that the speaker can handle.

Another specification is sensitivity which measures how well a speaker is able to convert power into sound. Checking on these specifications and understanding them is vital to choosing the best floor standing speaker.

5.Check On The Wire Terminal Configuration

The kind of wire terminal found in the floor standing speaker is important to consider. There are two types of terminals namely the building post terminals and the spring clips. Spring clips which are commonly found in low-end models work with pin and bare wire type connections while building post terminals are more sturdy and versatile allowing for different wire connections.

There are different configurations for different terminals. Some floor standing speakers have two terminal sets, one for low-frequency drivers and the other for high frequency. In such a case, each frequency range is able to receive a dedicated channel.


These five tips will help you choose the best floor standing speaker. Need to purchase one? Here are detailed reviews of floor standing speakers under $2,000.