Glassware is premium, super eco-friendly, and an all-around great gift for many occasions. Glass giftware is bought frequently for weddings, birthdays, holidays, and more. You can buy almost anything made out of glass, available in many styles. If not for its delicate structure, glass would be even more popular, on par with environmentally sustainable materials.

5 Things You Should Know About Buying Glass Giftware - glassware, glass, giftware, dishwasher-safe

Some common glass gifts include keychains, engravings, cocktail glasses, tumblers, flutes, and beer mugs. If the gift recipient loves home décor, numerous glass sculptures exist in abstract shapes or animal forms. If they love gardening or have indoor plants in their homes, a glass plant mister is stylish, colorful, and adds a touch of class.

Due to the unique material, glassware has many distinctive properties that make it quite different from other products. Here is everything you need to know about buying glass giftware:

1. Glass giftware is made of high quality

Most people love glass as a gift because of its prestige. There is an expectation of quality that comes with glass wholesale gifts. A huge positive is that glass doesn’t deteriorate in appearance as quickly as other materials. You can clean smudges and stains from glassware gifts with some effort.

Best of all, glass giftware has impressive longevity. These glass items last for many years, so you won’t have to worry about replacing them in the short term. Glass giftware is so unique that you can pass it down from generation to generation in your family.

2. Glassware is different from crystal

Glassware and crystal are different. Crystal is high-end, usually manufactured from sand, ash, limestone, and lead oxide. Crystal is typically purchased to go alongside porcelain and bone china, among other fine dining wares. It is delicate, requiring a hand-wash with either ammonia or lemon juice to keep its appearance.

On the other hand, glass giftware is ready for everyday use. It is created from sand, ash, and limestone. It looks pristine among earthenware, stoneware, and all sorts of materials or aesthetics.

Unless you’re justified, glassware is the preferable gift option. In terms of cost and risk of damage to the crystal, glassware is just more appropriate as a gift.

3. Colored glassware looks very special

When glass has an unexpected tinge of color, it creates a uniquely attractive look. Unlike plastics and other materials, any color embedded in high-quality glass will not fade over time. That does rely on the craftsmanship, of course. Factory-made glass is more affordable but possibly made with inferior quality.

To buy a gift for someone special, you should look for any sort of hand-moulded or hand-pressed glass, which offers that premium quality. If you can pair up the glassware with a person’s favorite color, such as the Extra Large Iridescent Goblet in a shade of pink iris, it will make the gift feel more personal.

4. You can print anything on glassware

We live in an era of customization, which can elevate the special meaning behind giftware. If you want to impress somebody with a gift, consider glassware with a print of something the person likes on it. A clear example of this is the Cardinal Stemless Goblet. You can put a flag, colorful animals, abstract shapes, text, or anything you want adorning the outside.

Another great idea is to customize the printed glassware based on the home décor. Try to match the print based on the aesthetic in the gift recipient’s kitchen or living room. When the glass giftware shares a similar color scheme or theme, it can blend in seamlessly and won’t stand out like an odd item.

5. Glassware needs to be handled with care

If the glass giftware you are buying does not need to be routinely cleaned, like a Bottle Lightstring, you don’t have to worry about the ‘dishwasher-safe’ tag so much. If it’s something like a glass mug or a set of wine glasses, there may be cause for concern. Although most glassware is dishwasher-safe, a small percentage is not.

The only way to know is by referring to the label indicated on the product. For example, a cup, bottle, or mug will have symbols or language that plainly state it is dishwasher safe. If you do not see any reference, it is best to avoid dishwasher usage, or it will put your gift at risk of damage.

When the item is confirmed to be dishwasher-safe, you should still exercise care and caution in handling the glassware. Remember to place glassware on the top rack to protect it from too much heat. Adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning the glass.