When was the last time you threw a surprise party? Don’t miss these five surprise birthday party ideas for friends who love a good surprise!

Your friend’s birthday is coming up, and you want to give them the time of their life. But you can’t think of anything that’s worthy of them, and time’s running out. You’re stressing out, there are no definitive plans, and you need help pronto.

Not to worry, we’ve got you.

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Here are five surprise birthday party ideas that are sure to knock the socks off of your friends.

1.Put Together a Scavenger Hunt

Write some clues on some notecards and place them around the area you’re going to have the party in. This works best if you’re throwing the surprise party somewhere easily accessible to the special person; for instance, their apartment complex.

Send your friend on a fun little scavenger hunt while you and your other friends set up the party. Have the last clue lead them to you so you can all surprise and shower the birthday person with love!

2.Do a Pretend Kidnapping

Show up unannounced when you know the special person is at home. Tell them they have to come with you — no questions asked.

Put a blindfold on them, lead them to the car, then drive them to wherever or whatever you’re surprising them with. This can be a music event, dinner at an amazing restaurant, or a night out at their favorite nightclub.

3.Rent a Limo or Party Bus

To get to the party in style, consider renting a Limo Find limo or party bus. Meet up with your friend at the corner of a street, then give them the shock of their lives 10 minutes later when a limo or party bus shows up, with everyone they love inside it!

You can then take a spin around the block, having a luxurious time in your rented vehicle and arrive at the final party or dinner venue in style!

4.Take Them to an Escape Room

Escape rooms can be a wonderful bonding experience for everyone involved. Not only do you get to race against the clock to solve interesting puzzles, but you also get to exercise teamwork. Book an escape room as a surprise and celebrate your success with drinks and a party afterward!

5.Fake Forgetfulness

This is sort of a prank, so only use this idea if you’re sure your friend won’t be offended. Pretend like you forgot about their birthday and you have to attend another friend’s birthday party.

Ask them to tag along for whatever reason (you need help picking out a last-minute gift, you need a familiar face at the party, etc.). When you get to the destination, have everyone wish the fake birthday celebrant “happy birthday” and ignore your friend.

Bring out the birthday cake and act as if it’s going to the fake birthday person. At the last second, switch direction and walk over to your friend!

Use These Surprise Birthday Party Ideas

The next time you’re stumped on what to do for your friend’s big day, use these surprise birthday party ideas! They’ll appreciate all the thought you’ve put into planning the event and everyone will have a great time.

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