There’s nothing quite like clean, warm clothes straight out of the dryer. When your dryer is in disrepair, however, it can be very inconvenient and annoying. Just like any other appliance, your dryer can be susceptible to errors and malfunctions.

Many of these noticeable issues need to be addressed as soon as you notice them to prevent more extensive (and expensive) repairs. When you’re not quite ready to buy a brand-new dryer, it counts to know the signs your dryer gives you that it’s time for dryer repair. Keep reading to find out what those are.
5 Reasons to Have Your Dryer Repaired - repair, Lifestyle, home, dryer

A Burning Smell

A full lint trap could be the cause of a burning smell coming from your dryer. If your lint trap is clean, however, the issue could be more serious. This could be caused by a build-up of lint in the system itself. Another cause could be that the thermostat has broken. This can cause the dryer to overheat and fry the inner components.

Strange Thumping Noises

Listen for unusual noises coming from your dryer. There are a few underlying issues that can cause squeaking, thumping, or scratching noises. Aside from the usual zippers, shoes, or buttons tumbling along in the drum, these noises can be caused by faulty motor bearings or loose pulleys.

Not Spinning

A dryer drum that doesn’t turn is one of the most common issues that require dryer repair. When your dryer turns on but doesn’t spin, it could be caused by problems with the belt or internal mechanisms in the dryer. This is usually easily repaired with a replacement part.

Clothes Not Drying or Taking Too Long to Dry

Your dryer needs proper airflow to sufficiently dry your clothes. Without this, your clothes could take much longer to dry. Make sure your dryer is free from blockages or build-ups that could impede airflow. If your clothes are still cold coming out of the dryer, it could be from a malfunctioning heating element that needs to be replaced.

Not Starting

If your dryer doesn’t start, it could point to an electrical problem. Check your breaker and make sure your dryer is getting power. If it is, don’t mess with the electrical components. Instead, call a professional and see if the dryer can be repaired.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the signs that your dryer needs to be repaired can help you act immediately and get you back to your chores. It’s important not to tamper with dangerous mechanisms on your own. Instead, call a professional for your dryer repair.