We’ve all heard about how important it is to get our “beauty sleep” and how beneficial it is to at least get eight hours a night – at minimum. Sometimes, however, getting that eight hours is more elusive than we want it to be. Whether you’ve yet to nail down the perfect sleep schedule or are looking to boost the sound sleep you’re already getting, keep reading for tips on how to get more restful sleep and reap all the benefits of it.

5 Paths To Getting More Restful Sleep - what you eat, supplement, sleep, restful, fitness

Set The Stage

The first thing you want to do is make sure you’re setting yourself up for a successful night’s sleep by setting the stage in your bedroom. We all know that the style of our bedroom is an essential part of relaxing, but you need to go beyond that. Make sure you’re sleeping on the correct type of mattress for any issues you may have, like nerve problems, chronic pain, sleeping style. Not all mattresses are created equal, and some people need a firmer mattress while others sleep better on a cloud. Beyond your mattress, use breathable sheets like 100% cotton or linen.

Delight Your Senses

We’re all aware of our five senses – sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste. You want to relax and calm your senses prior to bedtime. Ensure you’re dimming the lights and avoiding screens one or more hours before bed to help with your sight sense. For sound, sleep with a white noise machine if it helps you sleep deeper or run a fan. Diffusing calming essential oils like lavender can help relax your mind by utilizing your sense of smell. When it comes to touch, if you’ve already got your mattress and linens on point, as mentioned earlier, treat yourself to fine pajamas. Just like your sheets, you want natural fibers, so choices like cotton nightgowns, bamboo sleep shorts, or linen sleepwear are all excellent options. That choice is more personal in taste, but enjoying a cup of warm tea before shut-eye can set the stage for more restful sleep.

Supplement Where Needed

Even after investing in a better bed and everything else mentioned above, some people may need more assistance getting their most restful sleep.  In these instances, it’s a good idea to supplement with things that are shown to promote better sleep. Melatonin is an excellent alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids, and so is lavender. If you are currently taking prescription medication daily, make sure you check with your GP or pharmacist prior to adding in supplements. Still, in general, both of those supplements are considered highly safe.

You Are What You Eat

We all know the importance of eating a healthy diet and its benefits to our overall health, but did you know it also affects how well you sleep? Avoid over processed convenience foods and too much sugar, especially as you inch closer to bedtime. Making sure you eat a well-balanced diet will not only benefit your sleep schedule but promote more restful and restorative sleep as well. So, make an effort to eat more plant-based, whole foods, and don’t forget your eight glasses of water a day!

Stay On Your Fitness

If you’re a parent, you know how important it is for your children to get their energy out during the day to help promote their ability to fall asleep more effortlessly in the evenings. The same thing works for us when we are all grown up! Making sure you stay on your physical fitness routines is just as crucial for your sleep as maintaining a healthy diet, and everything else mentioned earlier. So, even in the dead of winter, it’s essential to keep your exercise going. If you don’t yet have a routine that you find easy to stick to, choosing a physical activity you enjoy is an easy way to do it every day. Whether that’s walking, dancing, or pilates – utilize all the apps and videos available online to get your workout on – it’ll make it easier to not only fall asleep but stay asleep.

Getting enough sleep and making sure it’s restorative is key to overall health – which includes your skin, hair, and entire body – which means, when you feel good, you look good and vice versa. Start prioritizing restful sleep today to benefit not only internally but also externally. Sweet dreams!