The kitchen is easily the most popular room in the home to renovate. That’s probably because we consider kitchens social spaces where great food is prepared and even better company is enjoyed. The thing about kitchen renovations is that there are so many accessories to choose from. You could go broke trying to work everything in.

Kitchens in the 21st century are as much about style as anything else. But still, there are some functional things that can prove themselves handy in the kitchen. To give you a good overview of what is out there, here’s a list of five not-so-common things to put on your renovation list.

5 Not-So-Common Things for Your Kitchen Renovation - renovation, lighting, kitchen, extinguishers, electric sockets, drawers, cabinet

1. Fire Extinguishers

No, fire extinguishers are neither glamorous nor sexy. They are also not considered a decorating accessory for kitchen remodeling projects. Nonetheless, having at least one fire extinguisher in the kitchen is a smart idea. Why? Because the kitchen is where most residential fires start.

According to the London Fire Brigade, 60% of all residential house fires in the UK start in the kitchen. That is understandable given the prevalence of heat sources and flammable substances like grease, fat, and cooking oil. Knowing what we know about house fires, why wouldn’t every homeowner want at least one fire extinguisher in the kitchen?

In the UK, fire extinguishers for the home are easy to come by. You can find them online and at local retailers that sell all sorts of safety equipment. Best of all, you do not have to spend a small fortune. Residential fire extinguishers are very affordable.

2. Recessed Electric Sockets

You can never have too many electric sockets these days. In the kitchen, you need sockets for charging your devices and running your appliances. Moreover, sometimes you only want access to a socket temporarily. One way to get that access is to install a recessed electric socket in your countertop.

Recessed sockets generally come in two different designs. The first is a rectangular socket mounted inside a hinged case. With the case down, all you see is an attractive cover and molding. Flip the case up for access to the socket.

The other design is essentially a power strip that sinks below the surface of the counter when not in use. Simply push on the top of the socket to release it and cause it to spring up. When you’re done, push it back down until it locks into place.

3. Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is more common than it used to be, but it still isn’t found in a lot of houses. That’s a shame. This sort of lighting can be used to add a bit of ambiance while cooking or entertaining. It can also be utilitarian. Turning the under-cabinet lighting on during the evening hours can provide just enough light to see your way around the kitchen without having to turn on overhead lights known to consume more energy.

Under-cabinet lighting can either be hardwired or plugged into an electrical socket. Both types of lighting strips can be found wherever you purchase DIY supplies.

4. Pullout Storage Drawers

Nothing increases cabinet storage space quite like pullout storage drawers. These are generally wireframe drawers that utilize the same hardware found on conventional drawers. Installing them lets you make use of all that dead space at the tops of your cabinets, space that otherwise goes underutilized.

Pullout storage drawers are more convenient than shelves because they give you easier access to stored items. They also contain said items in a confined space. Unlike open shelves, you will never have items fall off and crash to the floor or the bottom of your cupboard.

5. Spice Cabinet

If your kitchen remodel includes new cabinets, you really should consider installing a spice cabinet. What is a spice cabinet? It is a tall, narrow drawer normally installed along the height of one of the outside corners of your cabinets. Most have multiple shelves that are perfectly sized to store all your spices in their various containers.

An outside corner is the perfect location for a spice cabinet because without a cabinet installed, space is underutilized. You can make use of the space without having to extend cabinets any further. You will be able to organize your spices, keep them out of the way, and free up storage space elsewhere.

If you do not have the room for a corner spice cabinet, you can install a spice drawer instead. This is the same kind of concept except that you’re using a horizontal drawer rather than a vertical cabinet. The only downside is that you lose valuable drawer space that might have been utilized for something else.

Remodeling the kitchen is a normal part of owning a home. It is probably safe to say that all of us have gone through at least one kitchen remodel during our lifetimes. If not, you have something to look forward to. Remodeling the kitchen is your chance to put your own imprint on your home. Hopefully, the accessories described in this post will either be useful to you or inspire you to come up with your own great ideas.