Although we’ve still got the rest of winter to get through before we can start utilizing our outside spaces, many of us are already thinking ahead about what we can do to get them ready for some warm weather entertaining. Before we know it, spring will be upon us, and you’ll be grateful you made a few upgrades just in time. Here are some ideas you can consider for upgrading your backyard.

5 Impressive Backyard Upgrade Ideas for the Spring - patio, outdoors, dig a border, backyard

Add Some Shade

When the sun finally shows its face after a long and dark winter, most of us will head outside to soak up some rays. However, if you don’t have a shaded area to retreat to when it gets a bit too hot, you’ll be heading straight back inside, which defeats the object of having an outside space. Instead, you might want to look at installing some kind of structure for both shade and privacy, such as a pergola over the patio or a retractable awning.

Upgrade Your Garden Furniture

Next, you’ll want to take a good look at your current garden furniture and determine whether it could do with replacement. If you have had the same set for a good few years now, it is probably showing some signs of wear and tear. This is especially true if you haven’t been storing it properly over the winter months, leaving it exposed to the elements. If you plan on using your backyard to entertain guests, look at outdoor dining sets that will extend your kitchen area to the outside. Getting a new furniture set doesn’t have to be expensive either; you can upgrade your interior and exterior for less by searching for deals and discounts online.

Install a Fire Pit

Once you have found a few seating options, you can go one step further and install a fire pit. This will allow you to carry on entertaining your guests well into the evening without any complaints of being cold. They come in all shapes and sizes, including rectangular tables, round bowls, and classic square shape, but any of these are solid choices. You can go for something traditional, or you can go for the more modern look, it’s entirely up to you.

Add Some Lighting

If you do plan on spending your evenings in the garden, you’ll also want some form of lighting. Rather than a security floodlight that lights up the whole street, consider upgrading to something that creates ambiance and style. For example, pathways can be lined with modern solar-powered spike lamps, and that pergola you installed can be decorated with string lights and lanterns. There are so many options to choose from, and if you opt for solar power, you aren’t limited in where they can be placed.

Plant Some Flowers

No doubt over the winter your backyard has been overtaken by weeds and the lawn could do with a trim. But once you have taken care of these jobs, why not consider adding a bit of color with a flower garden? This doesn’t have to take up too much room; you can simply dig a border around your lawn and fill it with perennial plants that last throughout the year, such as delphiniums, crocosmias, and geraniums. A garden that is bursting with vibrant colors will look inviting and you’ll be more likely to spend time outdoors.

If you have had enough of winter and cannot wait to get outside, make sure you’ve got these jobs out of the way so you can simply spend your time relaxing and entertaining. Future you will thank yourself.