Modern design features are in high demand again as architects and interior designers alike find new ways to bring the aesthetic of design from the mid-twentieth century into the twenty-first. If you’re considering a renovation or room redecoration to invoke the sleek but definitive style lines that defined the modern aesthetic, it helps to look at some of the more famous and successful executions of contemporary homes with modern design inspiration before hopping on Google to search an interior designer near me. Here are a few you might not be able to tour, but you can certainly find profiled in design publications.

5 Homes Full of Modern Inspiration - penthouse, odern, nursery, mansion, interior design, inspiration, ideas, homes, french home

1. The NYC Penthouse Duplex by Stephen Harris Architects

This property was renovated to reflect the structural features of the era, including the ubiquitous glass walls and flat roof popularized in the first wave of modern design. It was then decorated to suit by Rees Roberts + Partners, with major furnishing including designs by Milo Baughman and lighting that highlights both the architectural features and design flourishes that complement them.

2. The Home of Beverly Hills’ Waldo Fernandez

Where better to go for a great example of modern interior design than to the home of a decorator known for drawing inspiration from the period? This house features vintage 1960s design that has been renovated and refurbished to stay fresh without ever letting go of its roots. That’s apparent in its spectacular living room, which uses chairs by Jacques Adnet with a living room set to define spaces within the open great room and builds the experience around a canvas by Lucio Fontana.

3. Brian Grazier’s Santa Monica Mansion

Modern style took off in California, and its revolution is finding fertile new ground to work with in the area, too. It’s no surprise to see houses from California dominating any list, and entertainment executive Brian Grazier’s spacious home in Santa Monica showcases the aesthetic so common to the era, of building the living room around dialog and entertaining guests, with the focal point a piece of artwork contemporary to the era or evocative of it.

4. Charles Zana’s Mid-Century French Home

Located just outside Paris, this startling design brings out the most experimental features of the period. Building the room around a sculpture instead of a canvas, it nonetheless guides guests through a series of art pieces as they navigate the room visually, including experimental furniture designs like the stainless steel chaise lounge used as an accent-piece. As an execution of the salon-style living room that defined the era, it provides guests with several touchstones to use as conversation-launchers without losing the visual coherence that is so important to modern design.

5. The Stockholm Flat of Giovanna Battaglia-Engelbert

This last entry is a good example of how to adapt the aesthetic to the space, with every room demonstrating the sleek modern design. Its bedrooms serve as great examples to springboard adaptations into modern nursery ideas. If you’re looking to remake your home to reflect the aesthetic of the mid-twentieth century, you need interior designers in Palm Springs who share your vision. Luckily, they’re not hard to find if you start looking.