You’ve probably noticed that you feel lethargic during the summer and that the heat doesn’t make you think clearly. And you might not have thought about the fact that the cold is good for you. But instead of focusing on the fact that you dress according to the layer-on-layer principle – think about the health benefits! Cooler temperatures make you sleep better and can boost your brain. So if it’s the case that you actually prefer the summer and the heat, you have some positive things to think about now that the cold starts to set in. Below you will find five great things that colder weather does for you!


1. Your brain gets sharper

When it’s super hot, many people feel lethargic and can’t think clearly. And it is completely justified to feel that way! There are studies that show that people perform better when it’s cold than when it’s hot.

2. Good for you with allergies

There is hardly any pollen during autumn and winter – and you may therefore feel less allergies during the cooler seasons. However, “indoor allergies” (which you get from, for example, mold and dust) have nothing to do with the season.


3. May reduce swelling

Do you feel more swollen during the summer? As you probably already know, cold is usually effective when you want to reduce swelling (and in some cases pain after an accident or surgery). Therefore, you probably don’t feel as swollen during the winter.

4. Better sleep

Have you had trouble sleeping now during the summer when it has been extremely hot and humid? Then you can probably sleep better now that the temperatures are cooler. You have the cold to thank for a good night’s sleep!

5. Can improve your exercise performance

When it’s cold outside, the heart needs to pump more oxygenated blood to keep the body warm. So if you exercise outdoors, the cold can increase your exercise performance!