The television is one of a designer’s most-dreaded challenges even though it is one of the most common household items. If you don’t want the TV to be the focus of the room, consider these design strategies to help it blend into the background:

Build It In

If your budget allows, one of the simplest solutions to help a TV blend into the background in any room is to build it into the wall. For extra flexibility during usage, consider an articulating television mount that can tilt and swivel. This way, you’ll be able to comfortably watch from anywhere in the room. This is especially ideal in rooms like the bathroom, where it’s challenging to incorporate a television in a tasteful way. By building it into the wall, you can place it in an out of the way spot and still be able to see it from the tub or vanity.


Hide It

Get the television out of the way altogether by hiding it in the ceiling. Simply mount the television onto a TV lift, and hide it with the touch of a button. This is the perfect design solution in the bedroom or for outdoor installation on a patio because it will be protected from the elements.

Make a Gallery Wall

Your Pinterest page is littered with easy tricks to curate the perfect gallery wall. So, why not include the TV as a piece of art? This way you can blend technology into the decor in a more organic way. As Domaine explains, by placing it among eye-catching pieces, you’ll remove some of its power to dampen the design and instead allow it to be uplifted by its more tasteful company.

To properly execute this look, sizing is essential. First, determine what size TV will best suit your watching needs. Samsung suggests that you should consider the viewing distance, viewing angle and resolution. Then, consider the size of the wall, frames, artwork and photos. Also, make sure to choose a variety of sizes of frames to help a large TV blend well with the gallery wall so that it doesn’t steal the spotlight.

Framed on the Mantle

Another strategy to make the television blend in is to install it over the fireplace mantle. By framing the TV or even simply painting the wall behind it the same color, you can help it blend into your cozy space. As with the gallery wall, sizing is crucial. It looks best if the opening of the fireplace and television are the same width. This styling trick looks especially flawless when set into the stonework as was showcased in Courtney Cox’s home in a recent Elle Decor spread.

Out-of-the-Way Placement

Instead of arranging your family room around the television, place furniture in a manner that encourages conversation by facing two sofas toward one another, or create a cozy reading nook away from the TV. By adding other focal points to the room, you can still have a TV without it competing for attention. Help it blend in better by surrounding it with soft natural elements like a houseplant or a topiary.