Getting a restful night’s sleep is vital for everyone. It’s during your sleep that your body gets a chance to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate for the next day. Besides following a healthy nighttime routine and keeping up with your body’s sleep-wake cycle, your sleeping environment also plays an essential role in the quality of your sleep. One crucial factor your sleeping environment should always have is the bed.

4 Things To Consider When Buying A King Size Bed - sleeping style, ottoman bed, occupants, king size, dimensions, bed

It’s in your bed where you lay your entire body for sleep. The better quality your bed is, the more likely you’ll get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling healthier and more energized to take on the next day’s challenges.

Your bed should be functional and comfortable enough, especially for your back. Otherwise, buying a bed that doesn’t match the type of sleeper you are and your body’s preferences, you might end up waking up with back pains and neck pains.

The Importance Of Your Bed Size

Aside from the quality of your mattress, another factor to consider is the bed size. Even if you have the best quality mattress, if you bought one that’s smaller for your body or the number of occupants, you might not still achieve the sleep you want. The most recommended bed size that can provide maximum comfort is the king size bed. As people say, the bigger your bed, the better and more comfortable your sleep will be.

4 Things To Consider When Buying A King Size Bed - sleeping style, ottoman bed, occupants, king size, dimensions, bed

The king size bed is popular among sleepers and couples who love to have extra room for sleeping movements. However, there are factors you’ll need to consider first before you go and buy the best king size bed out there. For instance, you’ll need to decide first whether you’ll have a divan bed or an ottoman bed for keeping your extra pillows. Another is if you have enough room for a king size bed. Keep in mind that a king size bed is sized 76 x 80 inches.

4 Things To Consider When Purchasing A King Size Bed

As you decide which king size bed you’re getting, here are things to consider before finalizing your purchase:

1. Your Room’s Dimensions

The first thing you should consider before buying a king size bed is the dimensions of your bedroom. The last thing you’d want to happen is to buy a bed, only to find out that it’s impossible to get it through your bedroom door or even the front door. You need to calculate your bedroom space and figure out how much room you need to have for a king size bed.

Your bedroom length should have at least 12 feet minimum, and there are reasons you should have this. First, if you want to place your bed in the center, you need at least two feet of space on every side of the bed. This space will give you enough room to get in and out of bed, and walk around without hitting the edges and corners.

Also, you need enough room for your other bedroom furniture, such as a nightstand, drawer, an ottoman, and other pieces of furniture you need in your bedroom. If you don’t set aside enough space for furniture, your bedroom will end up looking crowded and cluttered. So, take out your tape measure and record the dimensions of your room before browsing for king size beds.

Some bed stores, like The Luxury Bed Co, provide a complete guide of king size beds with their bed dimensions so you can do some comparison shopping before you stick to a final choice.

4 Things To Consider When Buying A King Size Bed - sleeping style, ottoman bed, occupants, king size, dimensions, bed

2. Preferred Frame Size

Most king size bed frames are at least three to five inches wider than the mattress to provide enough support for your mattress, especially if it’s thick. Sometimes, it’s the bed frame that uses more space in your room. Some companies purposely put additional wideness for the bed frame as part of the bed’s design, such as headboards, footboards, panel bed frames, wingback beds, upholstered beds, platform bed frames, sleigh beds, heavy box springs, solid wood frames, and storage beds.

If you have an expansive bedroom, you can go all out with your choice of bed frame. However, if you have limited space, or if your bedroom is just enough for a standard-designed king size bed, consider purchasing a low-profile wood slat frame or a slim metal frame for your mattress. These types have a closer size to your mattress.

3. Number Of Occupants

Suppose you’ve already calculated your room’s dimensions and found out that your bedroom size is enough to cater to a king size bed. The next thing to consider is the number of occupants who’ll be sleeping in the bed with you. As mentioned, the king size is best for sleepers who are sharing the bed with someone else. This goes for couples, parents with little children, or even a single person who frequently sleeps with a large pet.

Even if you don’t intend on sharing the bed with someone else, there’s still nothing wrong with buying a king size one for oneself to use. After all, a king size bed can ensure that you won’t fall off the bed during your sleep since you have plenty of bed space to move and toss around.

4 Things To Consider When Buying A King Size Bed - sleeping style, ottoman bed, occupants, king size, dimensions, bed

4. Your Sleeping Style

People have different sets of preferences regarding the amount of space they need to achieve that comfortable sleep. Some people can sleep comfortably in a single size bed, while others can’t get their beauty sleep unless they’re lying on a spacious bed, with enough room to move and stretch out. If you’re the type of sleeper who tosses around your bed more often, a king size bed might be for you so you can avoid falling off of it.

Aside from the sleeping style, don’t forget to consider your weight and height, too. A king size bed is suitable for people who are taller than five to six feet. If you’re an oversized person, the king-size may also accommodate your weight and size, even if you frequently stretch and move around. However, suppose you’re an oversized person who’ sharing the bed with another person. In that case, it may be best if you purchase the California king size as it offers more space to accommodate two oversized persons.

The Bottom Line

These factors must be considered when buying a king size bed as these will help you figure out if it’s really the right size for your room. Also, buy purchasing the perfect bed, you also get to sleep better, bringing numerous benefits. Remember that your bed is an expensive investment, so make sure your final choice is the best. The perfect king size bed isn’t only the one that fits well with your room and its style, but the bed that will provide you the best sleep of your life.