For most of the country spring has arrived. And wow, it wouldn’t have come soon enough! As the snow begins to melt and the ground begins to thaw, it’s time to put away the gloves, hats, and scarves and swap them for true spring attire. Yet every year it seems the list of dos and don’ts grows longer and longer for spring fashion. How can you possibly keep up?

We’ve got you covered with some inspiration for the warm weather, and best of all the trends we’ve curated won’t cost you a fortune. Check out these four stylish trends that offer an easy upgrade to your spring wardrobe.


4 Spring Fashion Trends You’ve Got to Try - trends, spring, Pearls, pastel, fashion

That’s right, ladies. The classic gemstone you’ve probably had stashed away in your jewelry box all winter is back in a big way. Big-name fashion designers and publications, including Allure, have stated that pearls are in the middle of a renaissance of sorts. With the gemstone all over runways in 2017, it sure seems pearls won’t be waning in popularity anytime soon. But, that still leaves us with the big question of how best to wear them. We’ll give you a massive, one-wort hint: layer.

One strand of pearls around the neck? That’s old news. What you’ll see on runways and in magazines this spring are multiple layers of pearl necklaces, and while the look is absolutely killer, it’s a bit tricky to pull off. The difficulty comes with finding the right lengths. Don’t fret. This guide we found will help you sort through the measurements and find the right strands.


4 Spring Fashion Trends You’ve Got to Try - trends, spring, Pearls, pastel, fashion

Ok, so this one is a bit obvious. Still, it’s an essential spring wardrobe staple, and you have to know the “in” colors to pull off the look.

This according to Harper’s Bazaar: Whether lilac, pink, lemon or duck egg blue, expect to see an array of fashion’s prettiest shades next season. But as Victoria Beckham said “delicacy can be strong”; saccharine these colors are not – consider tailoring in ice cream hues or wearing them in unexpected ways.

And that pretty much sums it up. The same pastels you know and love are pretty much a can’t miss this spring, but look to the unconventional to shake things up. Hair pieces, shoes, and handbags are more unconventional ways of working in pastels when compared with, say, blouses, pants, and sweaters. Even the way you accessorize with jewelry offers a chance to work in blues, yellows, and pinks.

Raincoats and Light Jackets

4 Spring Fashion Trends You’ve Got to Try - trends, spring, Pearls, pastel, fashion

While most of us like to think spring is all about flowers, chirping birds, and sunshine, the truth is the season is often just as much about rain. Enter raincoats and light outerwear. Women’s Wear Daily recently recapped the spring looks from New York Fashion Week:

“There was definitely a huge nineties urban vibe happening. It was expressed in different ways, but the common item was the windbreaker/parka/anorak jacket. In whatever iteration, it will be everywhere next season — from super casual versions to the dressier takes at Oscar de la Renta.”

A quality rain jacket or windbreaker will go a long way this spring. The best part? It’s pretty easy to find one in a spring color.

Fanny Packs (Trust Us)

Elle recently released its picks for spring fashion, and there are a ton to choose from. One of our favorites? The formerly dreaded fanny pack.

We know exactly what you’re thinking: Isn’t this fashion suicide? Honestly, it used to be. After the 90s, most people wouldn’t be caught dead sporting the look. This year, though, the fanny back in some rather unusual ways. According to Elle:

“No matter your aesthetic, there’s a hip-slung bag for you: strap on a sporty number from Rihanna’s runway, go minimalist with Rochas, or wear it on the diagonal with Balenciaga.”

As with any seasonal fashion, it’s best to do your research and figure out what’s best for your body type. Certain patterns, textures, and materials can lengthen your torso, make you appear taller, and accentuate all the right curves. If you’re not quite sure how you feel about some of the fashion trends we’ve laid out, the best thing to do is simply test it out – just be sure the retailer from which you are buying offers a generous return policy!