Your bathroom is, most of the time, a practical space. You use it every day, and more often than not it’s to wash or do your ablutions. The fact that it’s a utilitarian space doesn’t mean that it can’t look good, however. Follow these three tips to transforming your bathroom into a haven.


Bathrooms shouldn’t be filled with all your lotions and potions – at least, not on the surface. This is especially true for small bathrooms, as clutter makes everything look and feel smaller. It also makes it harder to clean! Everything should have its place, so you know exactly where it should go. Ideally, go for furniture that has a dual purpose, like a vanity with drawers and install your sink within it, for instance.

Avoid excessive decoration too – your bathroom should be a haven away from chaos, and again, it just adds minutes to the cleaning routine.

Inject Colour

Most bathroom suites are white because anything else looks tacky and outdated. If you’re stuck with an avocado bathroom suite, take a look at Utopia bathroom furniture for inspiration. Most people with a white suite seem to stick to white or blue, with a seaside theme. Although fine if you’re a fish fan, it’s a little uninspired. Instead, why not pick your favourite colour and revolve your theme around this. A bright lime zest green works just as well as a soft pink. Buy your towels, bath mat and toothbrush holder in the same colour and watch as your bathroom is transformed.

Let There Be Light

Your bathroom should have varying levels of light: bright, functional light for washing and ablutions, and mood lighting for relaxing in the bath. Make the most of your light and plan it carefully. Make the light work for you, for instance, if you’ve got a small window, clear the sill and make sure you’re not blocking any light. If you have a small bathroom, have your ceiling lights in tracks, as this makes your bathroom look bigger. Alternatively make a statement with your bathroom light and install something dramatic like a chandelier.

If you can’t afford the money and hassle it takes to install both bright light and mood light, simply invest in a few candles. These work perfectly as mood lighting for a relaxed or romantic atmosphere.