The garment that we are going to talk to you about today is much more than a must, it is an obligation within every one of our wardrobes. Original or versioned, all the options are valid if you know what to combine a denim jacket with.

Would you like us to talk about the denim jacket phenomenon? Let’s go there!

  • It is a timeless and tremendously versatile piece. It will not go out of style, and it will save you from more than one “and what jacket should I wear with this?” Does it ring true? Well, you know where the solution is!
  • Suitable for all silhouettes and ages. It is a piece that every woman can and should have in her closet regardless of whether we are taller, shorter, thinner or shorter, younger or more mature. She, the denim jacket, has eyes for everyone 
  • There are more versions than denim blue, the variety of colors and versions that we have to give us infinite possibilities. That it is not a question of generating needs, but in white, in black, in warm or earth colors … they are all brutal! And they open up the range of combinations for us, an outrage!

And now that we know, why should we have at least one denim jacket in our closet… How about we show you our top 3 in denim jacket looks? Do not miss a detail!

1. 70´s look: colorful and vibrant denim

We have already warned you several times, but it is great! The denim jacket is timeless beyond measure, so much so that it has passed through ages! For this reason, we wanted to pay her a little tribute in this 1970 look. Daring in the room?Some white ankle boots will be the icing on the cake! A super trend look that will not leave anyone indifferent!

2. Cool hippie look: denim jacket and matching dress


Are you one of those who think that the denim jacket is an unladylike garment? You couldn’t be more confused! And we are going to show you right now with this look that we are sure you will love, combining it with a floral maxi-dress, another of the essentials for this spring. Take note!

Wear a jacket in the same shades as your dress for a harmonious and super-stylish effect. Despite how different both pieces are, this balance in tones will make the outfit a sure success, together with the mix and match of textures and styles. Make the most of your wardrobe! Do you see it? What were we right about?

3. Casual street look: absolute comfort with an oversize denim jacket


Are you one of those who value comfort above all else, yes, maintaining style? Do you have a thousand things to do during the day and you need a comfortable look? The denim jacket is undoubtedly your perfect ally for this spring!

Opt for its oversized version to get a casual street silhouette, with extra comfort and style. Combine it with a T-shirt with a message, and to balance the oversize effect of the jacket, complete the outfit with flowy high-waisted pants. We are in love with this look!