25 Cute Polka-Dot Wall Decor Ideas

A recent trend emerging in popular interior design is borrowing the eccentric patterns of the past and giving them a contemporary spin. One of these trends is using polka dots in interior design – it’s is a timeless look that adds a bold personality and modern feel to your styling. Let’s face it.  Polka dots are adorable, but most of us don’t think of them as something we would use in decorating around the house. That’s why we’ve gathered ideas which will reassure you that polka dots look great practically in any room: from nurseries and kids rooms, to living rooms, bedrooms, even bathrooms. Whether you use big polka dots or tiny subtle dots the following ideas will show you that the use of polka dots in interior décor can look very tasteful. Here is one tip: using black and white polka dots with the accent of shimmering golds and a minimalist color pallet, you can make your room look like popular fashion bloggers home offices. Enjoy!

Living Rooms

25 Cute Polka Dot Wall Decor Ideas




Kids Rooms


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