There are lots of ways you can use pallets and turn them unto something original, original and very useful. Here are some examples that might help you. Feel free to improvise and don’t forget to use your imagination.

Tables and desks

1. Recycled wood dining table


Here’s an example of how you can create a nice table using four pallets. The table can be adjusted to the size pf the pieces you’re using and its design can change as you go along with the project. It’s great for both indoors and outdoor use and it has a simple and rustic look. Finish it with oil, wax, or a polyurethane/deck sealer to add resistance and you’re done.Download the PDF instructions.{found onreadymade}

2. Rolling outdoor table


This particular table was made using 2 – 4′ x 4′ wood pallets, 1 – 4″x4″, 4 caster wheels, some L-brackets and screws and gray stain. The result is a very practical outdoor rolling table that can act as a coffee table when you’re sitting outside, interacting with your friends or family, or as a mini dining table when you need a snack and you want to enjoy it outside.{found on joyeverafter}

3. Pallet coffee table


Here’s an extremely simple coffee table that was made of two pallets stacked one on top of the other. Then some casters were added and it was done. It’s a perfectly usable coffee table, with a rustic look. It also comes with a very practical shelf for things like books, magazines or anything else you might want to store there. You can paint the table in any color you want.{found on sewhomegrown}

4. Pallet coffee table with a glass top


Here’s another version of a pallet coffee table. This one is still simple but it has a more modern look. It’s also made of wooden pallets and it also features four wheels that you can find at any hardware store. In order to make the table more appealing, a glass top has been added.{found on stylizimo }

5. Oriental coffee table


In case you have the opportunity of finding some more unusual pallets, you can use them to create an exotic-looking coffee table like this one for example. This particular coffee table reminds a little of Marrakech and it was also made from a pallets found near a shopping area. It has a simple design and a very nice color combination. The table also features two small drawers where you can store different items.{found on espritcabane}

6. Pallet computer desk


You think you could use a computer desk but you don’t really want to spend he money on something like this? You don’t have to because now you can make your own desk by using pallets. For this particular one all you need is a pallet, some sturdy legs and a plywood sheet. It’s a fun and easy project and at the end you’ll have an original computer desk. It’s easy, cheap and functional.{found onikeahackers}

7. Kitchen island


As you can see, pallets can be used to create all sorts of things. You can even use them to create a kitchen island. You’ll need at least three pallets, some tools and paint. Cut the pallets, secure them together and add a top. Paint them in a natural color or in a more vibrant tone. It’s not difficult and you have the freedom of choosing your own design.{found on jennyshus}

Chairs and sofas

1. Cozy pallet sofa


Even if it’s a little hard to believe, this cute sofa was made using a plastic pallet. The pallet was cut in half and some stainless steel plates and legs were added to create stability and to keep the two pieces together. In the end some cushions were added and the sofa was ready to use. It’s comfortable and easy to make.{found on recyclart}

2. Pallet sofa with built-in storage space


Here’s a more elaborate project that required 6 wooden pallets. They were painted and covered with upholstered foam pillows. Because the base was made of two pallet levels, this provides a lot of very useful storage space for all sorts of things like books and magazines and other items.{found oncuartoderecha}

3. Outdoor swing chair


It looks like when people start to sue their imagination they come up with a lot of interesting ideas. For example, here’s an outdoor swing chair that was made of a wooden pallet. The pallet was taken apart and small pieces were sewed together using durable rope. Then more rope was used to hang the piece from a tall tree. Be sure to use safe and durable rope if you don’t want to end up on the ground.{found onrecyclart}

4. Outdoor lounger


Here’s a very good-looking lounge chair. Believe it or not, it was also made of wooden pallets. You’ll need four pallets of the same size and then stack them on top of each other two by two. Use the remaining materials to make a backrest. Take your 2x4s and attach them to the top boards on either side. Prop your seat back up where you want it, paint the chair in a vibrant color and you’re ready to go.{found on shoestringpavilion}

5. Shipping pallet daybeds

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If you need an extra bed just make one using pallets. It’s easy and much cheaper. For example, take a look at these ones. They look safe and quite comfortable. These daybeds were made using shipping pallets. However, they are not meant to be used by adults so it’s best to let the children enjoy it just to be sure. Just stack some pallets on top of each other, secure them and add a comfy mattress on top. It’s that simple.{found on ashleyannphotography and norskeinteriorblogger}

6. Pallet pet beds

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If you don’t need an extra bed for yourself, then you can use the pallets to build one for your pet that I’m sure will be appreciate. They are very easy to make and they don’t cost much. Just cut a pallet in a way that allows you to obtain a rectangular structure. Add a comfy pillow and some decorations if you want and your project is over.{found on etsy}

7. Pallet reading nook


Do you sometimes need a quiet place where you can go and read a book or clear your mind? You can build it by yourself without even asking anyone for help. All you need are two pallets and some power tools. Cut the pallets in the shape that you want, reinforce them and add some back structure. Add a comfy pillow and you’re done.{found on kojodesigns}

Pallet storage areas

1. Mudroom shoe rack


Nobody likes a muddy room and you can avoid that by creating a very practical show rack. This one is made from a discarded pallet and it seems to do the trick. Just clean the pallet a little and secure it vertically on a wall for example and here you go, your very own pallet shoe rack. You can even paint it to make it more attractive.

2. Pallet bookshelf and bike rack


Because of their structure, pallets can be easily used to create bookshelves. You don’t even have to make a lot of modifications. Just place the pallet along the wall, secure it and maybe add some shelves here and there and you’re done. Paint it in a vibrant color if you want and you’re free to add the books. Moreover, you can also use the structure as a bike rack, as shown in the picture.{found on flickr}

3. Pallet floating shelving system


This particular shelving system is probably the easiest one to make. You don’t need to know anything about the process because there really isn’t anything to know. Just hang the pallet on the wall and you’re done. Use it to store pictures or other decorative items. You can also sand or paint the pallet for a more appealing look.{amandacarverdesigns}

Decorative items

1. Pallet vertical garden


Here’s an idea of how you can turn a pallet into a very beautiful vertical garden. For this project you’ll need 1 pallet, 2 large bags of potting soil, 16 six packs of annuals, 1 small roll of landscape fabric, staple gun, sand paper. The result is a very beautiful and functional structure on which you can grow your plants.{found on lifeonthebalcony}

2. Honeycomb mirror


Here’s a more sophisticated piece that was also made using a pallet. Even though this particular example features honeycomb mirrors, you can basically use any type of mirror you have in the house. Use the shipping pallet as a support structure and add the mirrors. You’ll have a nice decorative piece that was easy to make and that’s also functional.{found on  lovinglivingsmall}

3. Pallet chandelier


Here’s a very beautiful chandelier, with an architectural look and a very simple history. In the beginning this chandelier was a a simple, undesired wooden pallet. Someone found it and decided to turn it into something more beautiful. After cutting the pallet and selecting pieces that has different sizes, they were put together and secured n a very artistic way. The result was a very beautiful and functional chandelier.

4. Pallet staircase


Pallets can be used to create all sorts of things. Here’s a more elaborate project that required several pallets. In order to make this project part of your own home, you’ll need a lot of wooden pallets and some skills and knowledge about staircases. It’s not something that we encourage everyone to do because staircases can be dangerous if not built properly. This particular pallet staircase is part of a larger office that features all sorts of pallets pieces like furniture and light fixtures. In fact, the entire office is made of pallets.