These fun and simple DIY Christmas garland decorating idea wishes your family and guests a Merry Christmas. Use these DIY Christmas garland ideas for a festive look indoors on the tree, mantel or staircase or outdoors on a fence or the front door. Because the Christmas season screams DIY, we rounded up a few of our favorite homemade garland projects.

Paper Tree Garland

DIY Paint Sample Garland

Why DIY Christmas Garland is the Best of the Paint Sample Crafts

Snowflake Garland

Snowflake Garland

Merry Christmas Banner

Hanging Eucalyptus Leaves

DIY Winter Scene Decor

Stringed Wooden Beads

DIY String Lights Garland

DIY Lighted Garland

DIY Wood Bead Garland

DIY Paper Heart Garland

DIY Heart Garland Tutorial

Customizable Garlands

DIY Holiday Garlands - 5 Ways

Felt Ball Garland DIY

Easy DIY Felt Ball Garland