Modern front yard designs are leaning more into the minimalist and sparse look. Gone are the voluminous shapes and profusion of colors. The modern look comprises of clean lines, earth colors, creative use of stone, and minimized use of divergent colors. No matter how small your front garden, with careful planning you 
can makes it both beautiful and useful. Even if you choose to cover part of it for parking, you can still make it look good.

Mini Water Feature

Cottage-Style Planted Wheelbarrow

Showy Succulent Stone

Low Maintenance Evergreen Border with a Pop of

Clematis Climbing

Upcycled Vintage Bicycle

Modern Industrial Cinderblock Planter

Simple Lighted Driveway

Lush Hydrangeas and

Water-Wise Western Water

Elegant Mediterranian Inspired Fountain

Clean and Modern Stone Gravel Planted

Porch Full of

Cactus-Free Desert

Structured Evergreen Garden Beds with Colorful

Sophisticated Japanese Garden

Tiered Block

Signpost and Plant

Modern Craftsman Lighted