18 Remarkable Mediterranean Kitchen Designs You Will Love

There is no other home decor style as luxurious and as elegant as the Mediterranean style. Inspired by the decor of countries along the Mediterranean Sea, this style takes its cues from the French, Italian and Spanish home design practices but nowadays, it can also feature a wide variety of elements inspired by other cultures and styles.
We really like this style because its careful selection of material gives it a very warm and elegant look. It makes any space feel like a part of a luxurious palace or a villa. But what makes the Mediterranean style what it is, is its attention to details, but more on that in the pictures below.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we are going to show you 18 Remarkable Mediterranean Kitchen Designs You Will Love. Check them out below. There’s a slight danger of falling in love with these designs but that’s nothing to be afraid of because our goal is to inspire and motivate you, and perhaps turn you into a fan of the Mediterranean style. Speaking of which, we’ve also created collections of the Mediterranean bedroom and living room interiors, so make sure you check those out too. Enjoy!

1. Fresh Spanish Upgrade

2. Mediterranean Kitchen


4. Historic Preservation in Downtown Santa Barbara

5. Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel California

6. Palmero LUC11 at Mediterra

7. Tangletown Mediterranean Villa

8. Mediterranian Life Style Kitchen

9. New Canaan French Country Transformation

10. Mediterranean Kitchen

11. Old Naples Courtyard

12. Traditional Villa with an Artful Update

13. Mediterranean Kitchen

14. Hillsborough

15. Mediterranean Kitchen

16. The Talia by John Cannon Homes

17. Mediterranean Interior Design

18. Mediterranean Kitchen

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