Brimming with gifts on Christmas morning, beautifully decorated handmade stockings are a delight to wake up to. Whether you buy or DIY, these cute colorful, traditional and unique Christmas stockings are sure to make you smile. Not all Christmas stockings take a long time to assemble, but if you have a big family like I did growing up (seven of us) then it might take awhile to get them all done! These no-sew, easy handmade Christmas stockings are the perfect hiding place for Santa’s surprise gifts.

Whimsical Stocking

Fast And Easy Whimsical Stocking

Glittery Stocking

DIY Glittery Stocking

Last Minute Stocking Idea

Easy Last Minute Stocking Idea

Retro Christmas Stockings

DIY Retro Christmas Stockings

Drop Cloth Stockings

Drop Cloth Stockings

Pinecone Stockings

Easy DIY Pinecone Stockings

No Sew Plaid Stockings

Easy No Sew Plaid Stockings

Stenciled Stockings

DIY Stenciled Stockings

Typography Stockings

DIY Tinsel Typography Stockings

Monogrammed Christmas Stockings

Monogrammed Christmas Stockings

Patchwork Stockings

Old Fashioned Patchwork Stockings

Stocking With Ruffled Cuff

Cute DIY Stocking With Ruffled Cuff

Cuffed DIY Stockings

Classic Cuffed DIY Stockings

Coffee Bag Stocking

DIY Coffee Bag Stocking

Fabric Stockings

Easy To Make Fabric Stockings

Pinwheel Stockings

Simple Felt Pinwheel Stockings

Tassel Stockings

DIY Felt Tassel Stockings

Appliqued Stockings

Poinsettia Appliqued Stockings