These beautiful modern macrame patterns are perfect for home decor crafters and DIY fans! Vintage revivals are a hot trend these days. Macramé may be best known for its bohemian run in the ’60s and ’70s, but the textile art form of knotting and hitching is believed to have originated in the 13th century and was all the rage in the Victorian era.If you’re naturally crafty, some blogs have step-by-step instructions for making your own macramé—or you can find plenty of macramé products pre-made by artists on Etsy. Check out a few favorites below.

Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame Mason Jar Plant Hanger

A plant in a hanging macrame mason jar

Macrame Wall Hanging

A woman doing macrame

Macrame Laptop Mat

A macrame laptop mat with scissors and reading glasses

Dyed Macrame Necklace

diy dyed macrame necklace

Giant Macrame Rope Lights

Scandinavian Style Knotted Trivet

Macrame Feather Wall Decorations

Macrame feathers hanging on a wall

Macrame Earrings

Macrame earrings on the beach

Macrame Dream Catcher

A macrame dream catcher hanging on a wall

Hanging Macrame Chair

A hanging macrame chair

Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

A macrame wall hanging with greenery

Macrame Table Runner

A macrame table runner on a dining room table

Macrame Bracelets

A woman wearing lots of macrame bracelets

Macrame Chandelier

A macrame chandelier hanging from the ceiling

Macrame Garden Chair

A macrame lawn chair in pink, green, and yellow