16 Fun and Easy Summer DIY Garden Projects

With the 16 DIY garden ideas below, you can take your garden from drab to fab in no time. The hard part will be deciding which one you’ll try first! Making DIY garden projects for an inviting outdoor space is fun. This time of the year is ideal for outdoor activities. These projects are also great for any size backyard.  Some of them are just perfect for a small space as well as a big yard.

Cedar Fencing And Terra Cotta Pot Vertical Herb Planter

Hourglass Rope Planter

Hanging garden

Baskets hanging plants

The Vertical Garden You Don’t Have to Water

Papier Patch lantern

Painted Mason Jar Herb Garden

Summer Wreath

Herb Garden

Ladder Herb Garden

Edible Potted Floral Garden

Wooden bowl succulent planter

Little Church with a Thatch Roof

Moss Covered Flower Pot

Chalkboard Style Garden Container

Outdoor Furniture

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