16 Elegant Mediterranean Bathroom Interiors You’ll Want In Your Home

We’ve already concluded that the Mediterranean style is one of the most luxurious ways in which you can decorate your home. As seen in our collection of 15 Sensational Mediterranean Bedroom Designs You Would Never Want To Leave, the opulence of the Mediterranean home design style has made it famous worldwide. Even though it originally came from the Mediterranean countries such as Italy, Spain and France, it has been under the influence of many other styles including the modern style. Just like the Mediterranean living room and kitchen interiors, the Mediterranean bathroom can be found with traces of other styles. In this collection, you’ll have the chance to see both original and slightly more modern examples.

Welcome to a new collection of interior designs in which we are going to show you 16 Elegant Mediterranean Bathroom Interiors You’ll Want In Your Home. Check out the designs that we’ve featured in this collection and you will find plenty of inspirational ideas that will stun you with their ornamental and opulent designs. There’s no way that you won’t fall in love with at least half of these designs so buckle up. Enjoy!

1. Mediterranean Bathroom

2. Paradise Valley House

3. Edina French-Mediterranean

4. Justina Blakeney’s Bathroom Retreat

5. Modern Mediterranean Bathroom

6. Historic Preservation in Downtown Santa Barbara

7. Palmero LUC11 at Mediterra

8. Santa Lucia Preserve, Carmel California

9. Mediterranean Bathroom

10. Modern Mediterranean Design

11. Santa María at Palma de Mallorca

12. Paradise Valley Mediterranean

13. 165 Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach

14. Luxury Mediterranean Bathroom

15. West Indies

16. Calistoga Residence

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