To storage fruit and vegetable you can use drawers, fabric bags, woven baskets mounted in a wooden frame or traditional. If you’ve been having trouble storing fruits and vegetables, this post will give you 16 exceptionally clever storage solutions for your fresh produce.  A little creativity and some scrap materials are all you need to take simple fruit and veggie storage ideas to the next level.

Hanging Fruit Basket

DIY Hanging Fruit Basket

Chicken Wire Produce Bin

DIY Rustic Reclaimed Pallet And Chicken Wire Produce Bin

Banana Hammock

Easy DIY Crocheted Banana Hammock

Produce Baskets

DIY Hanging Produce Baskets

Plastic Crate Produce Storage

Simple DIY Stackable Plastic Crate Produce Storagejaymug

Plate Fruit Stand

Repurposed Plate Fruit Stand

 Wooden Produce Storage Boxes

DIY Under Cabinet Wooden Produce Storage Boxes

Mini Blind Produce Storage

Upcycled Mini Blind Produce Storage500eco

Slide Out Cabinet Baskets

DIY Slide Out Cabinet Baskets

Wooden Produce Bins

Simple DIY Wooden Produce Bins

 Storage With Separators

DIY Rustic Wooden Produce Storage With Separators

Produce Storage

Stackable Chalkboard DIY Produce Storage

Slide Out Produce Storage

DIY Wooden Slide Out Produce Storage

Produce Stand With Veggie Platter

DIY Produce Stand With Veggie Platter

Shutter Produce Bins

Upcycled Shutter Produce Bins

Kitchen Island With Produce Storage

DIY Kitchen Island With Produce Storage