Balconies are places where they can get some fresh air. It’s a good idea to make them comfortable for that and don’t use them only for drying clothes or as an extra closet space. The first thing to consider is plants and flowers. They can balcony not only beautiful but also smell nice. You can create any style and any atmosphere you want. If you want maximal coziness, choose rustic style. The first thing you need is rough wood or wicker furniture, then rustic fabrics – tablecloths or pillows. Now you can add any accessories you like: candle holders and lanterns, weary pieces for shabby chic style, antlers for hunter’s style, stump tables for natural style.

16 Cozy Rustic Balcony Design and Decor Ideas - cozy balcony, balcony furniture, balcony design ideas, balcony decor