15 Marvelous Mediterranean Home Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

You’ve seen the interiors and you’ve seen the outdoor areas. Now it is time for us to show you how a true Mediterranean home looks like from the outside. And it is not just the lush landscaping and the dazzling patio designs that we are talking about. In this article, you’re going to see the exterior design of the Mediterranean home as a whole. Typically, Mediterranean homes are not taller than two stories but they make use of all the area they can get. A driveway usually leads to a courtyard that is connected to the entrance while the backyard is where the colorful garden and the beautiful swimming pool reside. But more on that, in the photos below.

Welcome to a new collection of home exteriors in which we’ll show you 15 Marvelous Mediterranean Home Designs That Will Blow Your Mind. The photos that you are going to see below are a great way to check out the stunning design ideology of the Mediterranean style. It is the perfect showcase of the grand and luxurious design when it comes to the home. It also brings a beautiful vibe of the Mediterranean sea even when it is far away from it. Enjoy!

1. Greatwater Retreat

2. Dynasty Mansion – Pasadena

3. Prato Estate

4. Mediterranean Home

5. Century Woods 1

6. Il Nostro Sogno

7. Tuscan Mediterranean

8. Historic Landmark Estate Restoration

9. Spanish Delight

10. Paradise Valley Mediterranean

11. California Mission

12. The Akarra IV by John Cannon Homes

13. Lakeside Villa

14. Woods Hole Residence

15. Mediterranean Estate

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