There are a lot of various ways to take care of the organization and storage in your office but depending on where it is and what kind of work you are doing there, there could be some limitations so the best thing would be to use DIY ideas that you can make at home from cheap or even free supplies and bring to your office. De-clutter and get organized to boost your efficiency in your home or at work. These awesome DIY ideas are incredibly cost-efficient as well. Most of the ideas take less time than you think to get yourself organized and into a clutter-free space.

DIY Flamingo Pool Float Pencil Holder

DIY Modern Desk Storage

DIY Watercolor Desk Calendar

DIY Watercolor Desk Calendar


 Homemade By Carmona

DIY Literature Organizer Makeover

DIY Gold Striped File Folder

DIY Monogram Cork Board

DIY Painted Office Chair Makeover

DIY Concrete Desk

DIY Grid Notebook Covers

DIY Color Blocked Office Chair

DIY Patch Laptop Case

DIY Wood Wall Organiser

DIY Boss Desk Accessory

DIY Marble Clipboard

DIY Marble Clipboard



DIY Hanging Leather Storage Organiser

DIY Holographic Desk Calendar

DIY Desktop Dry Erase Board

DIY Ladder Shelf

DIY Ladder Shelf



DIY Faux Marble Desk

DIY Magnetic Desk Accessory