There is most definitely a way to get your formal wedding wishes across to your guests without breaking the bank, and we are here to show you how. You can create your own cards from scratch, or totally use a template online, or even edit that template. So if you are wondering how to make your own wedding cards, allow us to show you the options of DIY wedding cards ideas available for your use.

Mettalic Floral Wedding Card

diy wedding card

Colorful Embossed Greeting Card

embossed wedding card

Embossed Daisy Card With Paper Flags

daisy greeting card

Easy and Elegant Card

Black, gray, and white DIY wedding card

Romantic Rose Cutout Card and Favor Box

light green floral card

Gatefold Style Wedding Card

white on white wedding card

An Embroidered Keepsake Wedding Card

embroidered wedding card

Pink Paper Flowered Greeting Card

quilled greeting card

Wedding Dress and Tuxedo Greeting Card

Wedding dress and tuxedo greeting card

Lovely Water Colored Floral Printable

floral printable greeting card

Swiss Dot Embossed Wedding Card

embossed wedding card