Planning a bridal shower can seem almost as intimidating as planning a wedding. Before you get started, think about what the bride truly loves. The best bridal showers go way beyond just small talk and opening gifts. And we were thrilled to discover these creative and crafty hands-on activities that others have incorporated into their bridal showers. These ideas will make your bridal shower unique and enjoyable for everyone.

Origami Boxes With a Free Template

Origami boxes

The Prettiest DIY Butterfly Balloons!

Butterfly decorated balloons

Host a Backyard Bridal Shower

Paper polaroid photo prop

Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue Paper Flowers

DIY Donut Diamond Rings

Paper diamond bling

Origami Tea Plate

Origami Tea Plate

Tea Party Themed Bridal Shower

Vintage photo banner

Bridal Shower Games // Guess The Bride’s Age Downloads & Pdfs

Bridal shower game printable

Diy Quilled Candle Holder

Quilled candle holder

Doily Snowflake Bowl

Doily Snowflake Bowl

Sequin Monogram Letter DIY

Spring in Bloom

Paper cut love banner

Crepe Paper Juliet Roses

Crepe paper juliet roses

Paper Dress DIY Wedding Decorations

Paper wedding dress decoration