15 Breathtaking Private Swimming Pool Designs That Will Make You Jealous

There is nothing quite like sitting by the pool, enjoying the beautiful summer weather and the occasional dip in the swimming pool for a refreshment. Or is there? Yes there is – if the swimming pool is in your own backyard.
Hotel resort swimming pools are nice and all but you have to share them with a bunch of other people and adhere to the rules of the hotel. If it is in your own backyard, you make the rules. You invite whoever you want to invite, if you want to invite anyone else at all. Having a private swimming pool means that you can also have all the privacy that you want.
But if you really want to make the most out of it, you have to think of the private swimming pool as more than just a hole with tiles and water in it. The swimming pool is as much about what is around it as it is what is inside it.

Welcome to a new collection of outdoor designs in which we are going to show you 15 Breathtaking Private Swimming Pool Designs That Will Make You Jealous. The swimming pools that we have featured below can serve you as a source of creativity and inspiration, but most of all, they should serve as motivation. Motivate yourself that you can have one of these in your own backyard and you will find a way to do it. But before you build one, plan everything out. If you really want to enjoy it, you will need to pay attention to the patio, deck and landscaping around the swimming pool as well. Enjoy!

Casa Clara Residence


Coldwater Canyon Residence

Luxury Private Swimming Pool

Casa BR

Fountain Hills Swimming Pool with Glass Tile

Infinity swimming pool with a view of nature


Palo Alto Mediterranean

Dry Creek

Contemporary Infinity Pool

Bundaroo St

Franklin Mountain House

Backyard splash

Lake Travis Retreat


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