Create your own beautiful and affordable DIY flower arrangements this spring, whether a simple centerpiece or impressive installation. When putting together your next flower arrangement for gifting, home decor, holiday gathering or a dinner party, consider these great ideas. These easy DIY flower arrangement ideas are not only inexpensive but beautiful, too.

Use a Hair Tie to Keep Roses Together

rose bouquet

Put Branches From the Yard Inside a Glass Globe

diy flower arrangement in globe

Bunch the Same Flower Together Inside a Watering Can

watering can flower arrangement

Use Bright Pops of Color for Party Décor

bright flower arrangement

Choose Old World Flowers and Antique Containers

vintage flower arrangement

Mix in Grapefruit or Other Citrus Fruits

citrus floral arrangement

Criss Cross the Same Flower Inside a Glass Jar

diy milk bottle flower arrangement

Build a Rose Centerpiece Using Floral Foam

Create Fuller Arrangements Using Filler Flowers

how to make a full flower arrangement

Line Up Vases Inside a Wooden Drawer

diy flower arrangement inside wood drawer

Create a Floral Tablescape Using Vintage Bottles

Create a Grid to Arrange Flowers

how to make a flower arrangement

Add Some Vegetables in With Your Flowers

diy cabbage flower arrangement for easter

Wrap a Custom Bouquet for a Gift

Let Lilacs Overflow Out of a Pitcher

diy lilac flower arrangement

Put Tulips in a Tall Vase to Prevent Drooping

tall modern tulip arrangement