Land Rover has been a popular manufacturer since 1947. The company was first founded by Maurice and Spencer Wilks who built Centre Steer, a prototype off-road vehicle. Since then, Land Rover has continued to provide premium-quality vehicles to its customers.

Most people think of SUVs when they think of Land Rover. While the manufacturer is predominantly known for its off-road vehicles, Land Rover offers a wide range of modern and practical vehicles that can be driven anywhere.

The on-the-go nature of Land Rovers makes them ideal for almost anybody. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle to get you safely to and from work each day or you’re somebody who enjoys driving through muddy terrains on your weekends, there’s a Land Rover that is perfect for you.

Let’s cover some of the key things that make Land Rover such a great manufacturer.

What Makes Land Rovers a Great Choice? - range rover, off-road, land rover, cars

Safety and Warranties

Land Rover has world-class safety features that maintain the safety of every driver. It has a comprehensive selection of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that reduce the risk of accidents, injuries, and mortalities.

Common ADAS in Land Rovers include blind spot detection, traffic sign recognition, automatic emergency braking, and anti-rollover technologies. The exact safety features included in each Land Rover depends on the model.

Every model of Land Rover is designed for maximum safety and is made to last for several years. However, a Land Rover extended warranty is available on every model to provide drivers will extra financial protection in the rare event that the vehicle is faulty.

Style and Luxury

Land Rover hasn’t always been known for its style and class. However, recent models released by the manufacturer are sleek and sophisticated.

Land Rover uses top-quality materials to produce its vehicles, with premium interior designs and impressive exteriors. Many people are now buying Land Rovers exclusively for their appearance.

Variety and Versatility

From the L405 Range Rover to the Land Rover Discovery, the options are endless when it comes to finding a Land Rover. There’s a model for all occasions and functions, each of which is available in a selection of colors.

Most Land Rover dealerships also offer add-ons and accessories for their customers, such as tow bars, roof racks, and bike carriers. Some dealerships may also offer custom features and devices to those wanting a brand-new Land Rover.

Practicality and Off-Road Abilities

Land Rovers are recognized for their off-road abilities and they are some of the best vehicles for summer road trips.

Whether there is torrential rain, a sand storm, or thick snow on the ground, Land Rovers are capable of driving seamlessly in every weather condition.

Every model produced by this manufacturer is made to drive across a variety of terrains, including muddy fields, sandy beaches, and rocky mountains. Because there is more space between the interior seats of the car and the ground, the Land Rover makes driving across uneven terrains feel smooth and easy.