15 Awesome Hacks & Crafts That Are Perfect For The Summer

Summer is the favorite season of many people and for good reason too. I’m more of a winter person but I can see why some people just love summer. You can go to the beach, you can chill out in your garden or you can simply hit the pool. There is an endless amount of activities specific to summer that make this season very desirable. But what if you can do something that won’t cost you anything, yet it will make your summer experience even better?
Stay with us and we’ll show you about 15 little things that can make summer a bit cooler.

Welcome to a new collection of DIY ideas in which we’ll show you these 15 Awesome Hacks & Crafts That Are Perfect For The Summer. From ways to keep bugs out of your drinks to ways to keep your drinks near you in the swimming pool, this collection’s got it all. Check them out and impress your friends with these ingenious hacks and crafts that are simply too easy to pass up. Enjoy!

1. Watermelon Drink Dispenser

2. How to Create A Summer Go Bag

3. Keep Flies At Bay

4. DIY Balloon Cooler

5. DIY Outdoor Lounge

6. DIY Outdoor Drink Holder

7. Keep Bugs Out Of Your Drink

8. Noodley Beverage Boat

9. Healthy Summer Snack

10. Race Soap Boats

11. Lemonade Pouches

12. Pocketed Beach Towels

13. DIY Summer Bag Beach Towel Blanket

14. Make Your Own Water Blob

15. Build A PVC Pool Towel Rack

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