Remodeling the bathroom is a complex project. In fact, most homeowners try to put off remodeling, apprehending the time, effort and money that’ll have to be put in.

Bathroom materials and fixtures have advanced considerably over the past years. You’d be seriously depriving yourself of modern conveniences if you continue holding on to your old bathroom. It would be silly to continue with an outdated bathroom style, when your personal style might have evolved significantly.

If you think your bathroom needs an overhaul, it’s about time you did something about it. Here are some tips to follow that will make your project a smooth sail.

1. Plan your budget

Go ahead and explore the internet for bathroom remodeling inspirations. You’ll be floored by the amazing designs and ideas. But the bathroom of your fantasies may not come as cheap.

The costs involved in renovations can easily go out of hand, if you don’t have a budget to guide you. While considering the costs, don’t just bring up a total for the materials and fixtures. You’ll have to take into the account the labor cost of removing old fixtures and installing new ones.

While remodeling sounds like a sophisticated affair, it involves quite a lot of breaking down. There may be instances of ruptured pipes, broken tiles, damaged hardware and what not. We would recommend keeping some money spare for handling such contingencies.

10 Tips for Planning a Bathroom Remodel - remodel, interior design, bathroom

2.Find inspiration

There’s no point approaching the contractor without a clue of what style of bathroom you’d like to have. You’ll be better off getting some pictures for inspiration and reference.

There are lots of bathroom styles to choose from. You could go for the spacious full bath which has a sink, toilet, bath and shower. Or you could choose a half bath or powder room with just the sink and the toilet. There is so much to be considered about the space availability too.

Try to be pragmatic when narrowing on the design inspiration. You can look for inspiration on the internet or in magazines.

3.Layout decision

Selecting a bathroom layout is important, but don’t just go ahead and change everything. A complete change of layout implies that the plumbing lines will have to be modified to accommodate for the new positioning of fixtures. This just means a lot of expenditure.

Try to stick to the existing layout unless there are some real challenges. You may have to consider a change if the earlier bathroom layout was poorly designed; or if you need to convert the style of bathroom from half bath to full bath or the other way around.

Rather than disturbing the plumbing layout, a better option would be investing some money in professional cleaning and repair of the existing drains. It will give the pipelines a breather. You can opt for affordable and reliable services for  drain cleaning by Roto Rooter.

10 Tips for Planning a Bathroom Remodel - remodel, interior design, bathroom

4.Understand dimensions

You can have more realistic expectations about the remodeling if you are aware of the standard dimensions involved in bathroom styling. You should consider the dimensions of the toilet, the bath tub etc. This will give you a relative understanding of the space you have.

You can also ask your contractor to provide computer generated 3D images of the bathroom layout and design. This is especially useful when you have a couple of layouts in mind but can’t choose the one which will work best.

5.Handpicked quality materials

Bathroom remodeling can extend to a full-blown shopping spree if you choose to be directly involved in the detailing and customization.

Of course, you can leave it all up to the contractor. But you’ll probably get a lot more satisfaction if you were curating the hardware and fixtures yourself.

It pays if you research the market well and explore great deals for quality materials.

But don’t forget to get the contractor’s word before finalizing your purchase. You’ll need the expert advice regarding compatibility and functionality.

6.Choose durable flooring

Bathroom flooring is consistently exposed to moisture and humidity. They should be built to last an eternity.

While you’re remodeling the bathroom, you’ll get the opportunity to reconsider the bathroom flooring. Maybe the existing flooring is stained or damaged, or has waterproofing issues. In that case, don’t repeat the mistake and choose a flooring material that will be durable. Waterproofing is also an important aspect. Hardwood floors are not suitable as bathroom floors because they aren’t resilient to water exposure. It is advisable to go for tiles, stones or vinyl flooring.

7.Suitable lighting

You don’t have to invest in incredibly posh fixtures to give a luxurious feel to your bathroom. The  right kind of lighting can create a perfect ambiance in the bathroom.

You should be clear about the purpose and placement of the bathroom lighting. There should be ample natural light brought in through windows and skylights. You can also install LED vanity lights and accents in the bathroom especially over the counter top.

8.Proper Ventilation

Regrettably many home owners and contractors don’t give due credit to ventilation in the bathroom design. Ventilation is crucial for the bathroom space. In the absence of proper ventilation, your bathroom is bound to become the breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Your remodeled bathroom should provide for windows, vents and exhaust fans. Even if a window is not the option for you, an exhaust fan is a reliable way to let in fresh air while keeping insects and animals away.

9.Explore some luxury elements

If your budget allows, you could throw in some luxury to your bathroom. There are loads of options for adding ultra-modern conveniences suitable for every budget.

Instead of choosing the most affordable materials, you could choose some high-end ones. We are talking about premium tiles, cabinets, water closets and fixtures. You can also consider heated tile flooring for the bathroom. If you are into modern gadgets and technology, hi-tech bathroom accessories could be of interest to you as well.

10.Keep it futuristic

Bathroom remodeling involved a hefty expenditure. It’s not something you’ll be investing in every 2-3 years. The remodeled bathroom is going to serve for a few years until you choose to renovate again or move out of the house.

It’s advisable that you don’t make hasty choices while remodeling the bathroom. Consider the future requirements of your home and family when planning the design and materials for the bathroom. It’s not just about the durability and aesthetics. You should also factor in aspects like utility, comfort and value.