If you have a sad-looking backyard space, why not turn it into a beautiful patio? It will serve as a great spot for socializing and relaxation. Furthermore, it’s a great investment – it has the potential to add 8% to 12% of value to your home and over 80% of ROI for you.

However, keep in mind that beautiful patios don’t only have good-looking furniture. It also has quality outdoor furniture pieces.

The quality is what will matter in the end because if it’s damaged right away, your guests won’t be able to enjoy it. You won’t get a good return on your investment, as well.

Take a look at our tips on choosing the right patio furniture below to maximize your investment.

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Decide What You Want to Use the Patio For

The type of furniture you’re going to buy will depend on what you want to use them for.

Those who like to host barbecue and dinner parties should get one or more outdoor tables. Homeowners who want a space to hang out in with the whole family will find a couch and other comfortable porch furniture pieces more fitting.

For socializing and drinks, make sure you have ample seating around a focal point, like a bonfire. This will allow for natural interactions. Then, spread some side tables all over for drinks and snacks.

2.Measure Your Patio Space

Then, make sure you have the actual space for the activities you want.

Will one huge table fit in your patio? If not, consider getting a couple of small tables instead. You’ll have more flexibility in terms of placement.

For large spaces, you can set up zones with different purposes. One zone can be for relaxation and reading, while another zone can be for social drinking. You can even set up a zone for kids if your patio is big enough.

Estimating is not good enough. Take actual measurements so you can envision how a piece of furniture will fit into your space. While looking through your options, make sure to look at their measurements, too.

3.Consider the Weather

What’s the weather like in your location? This will determine what type of materials you should choose.

Is rainfall a normal or rare occurrence? If it’s the former, make sure you get quality outdoor furniture that can withstand getting wet often. If you also deal with storms, get something heavy so winds won’t be able to carry it.

If you’re expecting it to always be sunny, get some shades so you don’t cook under the sun while lounging. If it’s a durable structure, you won’t have to worry about your furniture getting wet in light rain, as well.

4.Choose the Right Shade

While we’re on this topic, let’s discuss more the importance of getting the right shade.

Getting some shade can also help your furniture last longer. It can act as a shield against the sun, which promotes fading, or the rain, which can stain some outdoor materials.

For pool lounges, a freestanding patio umbrella would look great. It’s portable, too, so it’s easy to hide in the basement when a storm hits.

A shade connected to the house will help in making it look like it’s still part of the house. This will encourage guests and family members to hang out in the patio.

You can also get creative to improve the aesthetics of your patio. Pergolas are always a good choice and fancy canopies can make a space look charming.

5.Prioritize Durability

Patio furniture is going to be outside every day. You’re subjecting it to rain, extreme heat, humidity, dirt, and a lot of other natural elements that will damage your normal indoor furniture.

For this reason, look for outdoor patio furniture made from durable materials.

Steel, wrought-iron, resin, and wood are some of the best materials if you’re looking for durability.

Aside from the materials, though, you also have to look at its construction. Don’t buy wooden furniture with the parts glued together. Do look for pieces made from dense woods like cedar and redwood.

Aluminum will also last for a long time, but they’re lightweight. High winds and storms can cause damage to this material by knocking it over. Be sure to secure them in such situations or bring them inside your house if you choose this material.

When buying rugs, choose the one that’s quick-drying and less prone to fading. Shop for outdoor rugs. These have the specific purpose of staying outside for long periods.

6.Consider Its Maintenance Needs

For the same reason stated above, your outdoor furniture is going to get dirty more often. Cleaning all your furniture pieces is going to take a lot of time. If you don’t have the time to give your furniture the amount of care it needs, choose one that doesn’t need much attention.

Wooden furniture pieces look great, but they require regular sanding and sealing. Wrought-iron and steel furniture don’t need much attention either. Still, you have to repaint and reseal them once in a while, too, to avoid rust.

Outdoor materials like resin or aluminum don’t need too much care. A quick wipe now and then to get rid of dirt will make them look polished again.

Materials that need the least amount of care would be plastic and PVC. They don’t need repainting and resealing, and they’re pretty cheap, too.

7.Make Sure It’s Comfortable

A patio should be inviting; people should feel drawn to it by instinct. Prioritize comfort over looks, although you’ll find some pieces with both if you look hard enough.

Adding cushions and pillows would make any seating more comfortable. It’s also a huge plus that they make chairs more appealing, too.

They can come in any fabric you find comfortable and any design you find attractive. Of course, make sure the fabric is for the outdoors – it should resist mildew, be not prone to fading, and quick-to-dry.

Recliners and chaise lounges both look great and comfortable. If you like taking a nap outside, get a daybed or a hammock. Throw in a few pillows and you’ll find yourself hanging out in the patio more often than not.

For the ultimate level of outdoor comfort and beauty, however, you might want to think about getting one of the best Adirondack chairs you can find. With their unique, compact design and their comfortable sloped seats, they’re ideal for kicking back, napping, or just enjoying some outdoor time with friends. They’re the perfect chair for outdoor lounging and come at a reasonable price point. Not only that, but they last a long time and can stand up to the elements with relative ease. Named after the gorgeous mountain range from it was originally created, these rustic and comfortable chairs live up to the quality their name suggests. Whether you’re looking for something that folds, rocks back & forth, features a step stool, or any of the other wonderful designs, Adirondack chairs might be the answer you’re seeking when it comes to outdoor furniture.

8.Keep the Design Consistent

The indoors of your house should flow into your patio seamlessly. To achieve this effect, keep your patio design consistent with the rest of your house.

Choose contemporary pieces for a contemporary home; likewise, extend your minimalist theme to your patio if you’re going for minimalism in your house.

This also makes it easy for guests and family members to consider as a part of the house. As a result, they will gravitate towards it as they would to your living room. After all, it’s a space for them to hang out – make sure they use it.

9.Take Into Account Your Storage Space

Although you can keep your patio furniture out year-round, it’s better to stash them away in the off-season.

This explains why you need to consider your storage space when buying outdoor furniture. A large storage shed is ideal, but your garage or basement will work as they’re big enough to accommodate large pieces of furniture.

If you don’t have any space for storage, don’t let it surprise you if your outdoor stuff’s lifespan decreases.

Outdoor furniture lasts longer when you store them away in months you don’t use them much. It’s unlikely you’re hosting a dinner party in the middle of the winter, for example. Why not keep them safe from the elements during that time?

If there’s a piece of furniture you use often, no matter the weather or season, then leave that out for your use.

10.Wait for Huge Discounts

The best time to buy patio furniture is at the end of the summer months when fall is fast approaching. If you’re not in a rush to decorate your patio for this summer, consider waiting until the end of the season to get the furniture you want at a lower price.

If that’s not an option, comb through the garage sales and thrift stores in your area if you’re up for some restoration projects. You can score great pieces here that won’t break the bank, but you’ll have to put in some elbow grease to restore them to their former glory (or not if they’re in good shape).

You also have to ensure the furniture is free from rotting or infestation before you bring them home. Change the cushions and pillows to new ones to ensure safety and update their looks at the same time.

Get Quality Outdoor Furniture for Your Patio

No matter what activities you want to do in your patio, getting quality outdoor furniture is the key to enjoying them. Follow our tips above to know how to choose and how to enjoy using outdoor furniture pieces for many years.

It doesn’t stop here! Keep your patio clean and beautiful – learn more tips and tricks for your home by reading our other posts today.