The highly celebrated time of the year is here again. You have to make an impact this Christmas. Celebrate it in style by staying informed of the hottest holiday deals thanks to Dealchecker. Here is a list of 10 countries that will offer you maximum fun without draining your pocket.

10 Countries To Spend A Magical Christmas In - Spain, Russia, poland, magical, japan, Italy, germany, france, finland, estonia, Christmas, canada

1. Germany

In Germany, Christmas is such a special time. This country has its unique traditions that started in the late middle ages for instance attention-grabbing decorations, the star singers who go door to door collecting donations, exchanging of secret presents in school/work parties and the character by the name “Knecht Ruprecht” (the huge horned monster in rags carrying chains and is said to discipline bad kids is something you can`t miss.

2. Estonia

Christmas here begins with the advent. Kids put socks on the window ledge daily until the day before Christmas. On Christmas Eve, an elf then deposits sweets in it and families assemble at dusk then Santa pays them a visit asking them to recite a poem for him giving gifts in return. Traditional decorations are Christmas trees and lights. The best place to visit here is the Tallinn Christmas Market

3. Poland

Poland is mainly a catholic nation so a midnight mass service is crucial the day before Christmas. On the eve of Christmas, they take “kolacja wigilijna” for supper. Their tradition dictates that no food should be eaten till the first star appears in the sky. Also, they put 12 dishes on the table meant to bring luck in the coming year. You will be surprised at how they devotedly follow their Christmas traditions.

4. Italy

You can make this Christmas one of its kind by visiting Florence, Tuscany capital city which features impressive architecture. In fact, it’s among the most attractive cities in Italy. Other spectacular cities include Rome, Pisa, Venice, and Siena.

5. Japan

If you want to visit a place full of inspiration for visitors this Christmas, Japan is an awesome choice. It has historical and captivating floral displays some of its most beautiful places are Mount Koya (Shingon Buddhism spiritual home), Shikoku Island, Kiso Valley and shodoshima. All these places among others will amaze you with their unmatched features.

6. Canada

Canada has unspoiled landscapes to awesome cities that make the place the best destination during the Christmas season. The Great White North is an epitome of beauty. Also, Banff National Park featuring a superb Lake Louise, there is also Jasper National Park with its translucent lakes, snow-covered peaks, roaring waterfalls and much more.

7. Russia

You will be shocked to know that Russia Christmas celebrations take place on 7th January. Their Christmas culture is from a pagan culture origin. They have unique Christmas customs like fortune-telling, caroling and a stringent nativity 40 days fast that will end eve of Christmas. If you want your Christmas fun to extend to January, Russia is the place to go.

8. Finland

If you to enjoy a serene environment free from busy cities, Lake Saimaa in Finland should be your number one choice. For architecture enthusiasts, old Rauma will impress you. Finland has multiple national parks too such as Koli National Park, Nuuksio National Park among others.

9. France

If you want to visit a place defined by beautiful wine, awesome islands, stunning culture and preserved countryside lifestyle this Christmas, then the best spots in France are Burgundy, Corsica, Brittany, and Rhone-Alpes.

10. Spain

Visit Spain during Christmas and see for yourself unique and impressive Christmas traditions, for instance, Belen nativity scene, Caga Tio, Midnight Mass, The three Kings, among others.