Illuminating Reuse: 15 Recycled Lights and Lamps

Cardboard Fairy Lights

(images via: Esprit Cabane)

Tube Light by Castor Canadensis

(images via: Inhabitat)

Light Bulb Lamps

(images via: Craftzine)

Chiquita Banana Chandelier

(images via: Inhabitat)

Modern Lights from Glass Bottles

(images via:

Water Bottle Chandelier

(images via: Treehugger)

Gold Toy Lamp

(images via:

Ballpoint Pen Chandelier

(images via: Core 77)

Vespa Lamp

(images via: Great Green Goods)

Melted Lego Lamp

(images via: Geek Alerts)

Cocktail Umbrella Lamp

(images via: Bright Lights Little City)

Plastic Spoon Chandelier

(images via: Ann Porter)

Blender Lamp

(image via: Instructables)

Hanging Teacup Lamps

(image via: Domestic Construction)

Traffic Light Lamp

(image via: Ecofriend)

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