Go Wild: 17 Luxurious Animal Print Home Decor Ideas

From leopard spots to tiger stripes, animal prints in the home now stretch to giraffe, paw prints and even fun and quirky pictures of animals. Don’t be constrained by classic colors either: Animal prints in electric blues, muted greens and bright reds will add a modern feel to your home. Add playful touches to your current decor to gently introduce this trend into your home. Soft furnishings in classic leopard print will help to add a glamorous feel to any room. Go for Leopard bolsters and cushions against bright block color for a thoroughly modern look.  It’s time to unleash your inner animal and take your home design to a whole new level! Thanks to a wide range of warm, neutral colors, animal prints are easy to incorporate into almost any decor scheme. Take a look at these 17 Luxurious Animal Print Home Decor Ideas and find inspiration for your own home!

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