5 Exterior Home Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

The exterior of your home is often the last thing you think about doing. After all, the interior is the part where you spend most of your time. It is this which needs to provide you with a comfortable, safe place.

5 Exterior Home Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

But, the exterior is just as important if not more so. In fact, a well completed exterior can protect the inside that you have sent so long developing. There are 5 essential exterior home design tips you need to know:

  1. The Building Façade

The façade or building envelope is the most important part of your building. You can choose to cover your entire home with a PVC coating, solar panels or even textured concrete. The choice will depend upon your personal preference although virtually anything is possible.

5 Exterior Home Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

This does more than make your building look good. It will protect it from the wind, rain and the sun. In the process it will help to keep you at the right temperature throughout the year.

The material and style you choose will reflect who you are although it should be in keeping with the rest of your neighborhood.

  1. The Roof

A clean, well presented roof can look just as good as a new one and cost a fraction of the price. The roof is essential to ensure you stay dry. Properly insulated it will also ensure you stay warm even in the middle of winter.

5 Exterior Home Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

However, the roof does more than just protect the rest of your home. A well presented roof lifts the image of your home and a colorful roof can add real character.

  1. Front Yard

The most obvious exterior home design tip is to improve your curb appeal by making sure your front yard appears attractive and welcoming.

This can be achieved through careful positioning of planters to add colorful flowers to the outside of your home. In general planters are easier to maintain than creating flower beds while providing the same appeal.

5 Exterior Home Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

  1. The Entrance

Your entrance is where your eye is drawn as you or visitors walk up the path to your home. This is the first thing many people will notice and an excellent opportunity to illustrate your own tastes and styles.

You can adjust the door furnishings, the number of your home and even the lighting to change the mood and effect of your home.

If you are able to paint your door then this can add an extra element which will help to ensure your house stands out from the rest; in a positive way.

5 Exterior Home Design Lessons That Everyone Should Know

  1. Windows

You may consider a window as merely a piece of glass allowing you to see in and out of your home. However, there are many different types of window and each one will change the look and feel of your home.

You can select different color frames, plain glass, frosted, crossed, huge windows, oval; the list is virtually endless. The right window will make a huge difference to the look of your home and is an essential exterior design tip for all homeowners.

When you have finished visualizing your home step back and pretend you are seeing it for the first time; it will give you a real impression of your house.

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