Whether you’re gearing up for back-to-school or looking for a fun way to personalize your wardrobe, DIY keychains are a cute and crafty go-to. Keychains are one of the top-selling souvenirs and gifts around. Which is why there are so many amazing DIY’s out there that involve creating them.  DIY Keychain is an excellent and low-cost gift for any member of the family or friend. Get some ideas for your own

Wooden Bead Keychain

Animal Figurine Keychain

Polymer Clay Fruit Keychain

Polymer Clay Fruit Keychain


Polymer Clay Fruit Keychain from Dream a Little Bigger

DIY Tassel Keychain

Wood Monogram Keychain

Candy Heart Keychain

Resin Map Keychain

Shrinking Plastic Keychain

Fabric Cuff Keychain

Wine Cork Keychain

Felt Cactus Keychain

Rope Tassel Keychain

Glass Orb Keychain