23 Stylish Examples How To Wear Crop Top

This summer it’s time for crop top style, new and very popular style in fashion scene. Crop tops have been everywhere this season, modern girls wear them in every occasion at night and day combinations. This is certainly not the easiest trend for style, it’s a little daring fashion sense, especially when we talk about the stomach. But there are so many ways to style crop top, so it will show only a modest hint of skin, not the entire stomach.

Our advice for this crop top style are: First you need to balance your crop top, wear a high waist skirt or pants high. With this type, only a sliver of skin will be displayed and can maintain this trend. Definitely not low-cut! Another way is coupling with a pencil skirt, the epitome of sleek and sophisticated style with wide T-shirts in medium length. You will like how it looks with the crop top. Look our collection and learn how to wear crop top.

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