22 Dynamic Combinations of Black & White Stripes

Every woman all her life is dealing with a big problem and that it is: she never have what to wear. When you try to solve this problem it reappears again. Today we offer as a solution clothing with stripes that will make you feel and look beautiful.

Clothing with stripes first performed at the fashion scene in the 1920s and since then this type of clothing is considered as an eternal classic. But no doubt that will be a hit this summer. Already we can see that stripes appear everywhere: pants, shirts, bags, caps, sunglasses, scarves, etc.

Our advice for this type of clothing is to look as it will stretch his stripes. Because clothes with horizontal stripes make you look fatter, and clothing with vertical stripes lengthens your figure and make you look thinner and taller. Be careful with stripes clothes you should not exaggerate, anything you wear should not be striped because you can get very congested and bad look. Now look at our collection and make your combination in the striped style.

22 Dynamic Combinations of Black & White Stripes

Source: www.ourfavoritestyle.com

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