Choosing your kids’ beds is more than just making sure that they are comfortable at night. There are health factors associated with a good quality sleep as well as a good quality mattress. For instance, posture is affected by how soft or hard a mattress is. Too soft then your kids might suffer from bad back problems, too hard then their spine will not be supported properly.

Indeed, it is a Goldilocks dilemma, the only solution of which is knowing certain types of mattresses and choosing the ones that are perfect for your child. Do not worry, though, we have prepared a simple guide to help you on your mattress shopping and in ensuring your kids get a good night’s sleep.

Your Guide to Choosing Your Kids’ Bed Mattress - new, mattress, materials, kids, bedroom

Choose a large mattress

No, you do not need to buy them a king-sized bed. But just large enough that they do not need to worry about space and so you would not need to buy another mattress in the coming years. This is also assuming that you will want to sleep next to your children after bedtime.

You can buy twin-sized beds or variants of it that are extra long since it is big enough to last them at least until they are 15 years old. That will save you both time and money in the long run, plus you did not compromise on their sleeping space.

Let them try it out

When you start shopping for mattresses, make sure you bring them along with you. You can ask them to try out the mattress and pick out which one they like the most. In this way, you will not have to guess what is comfortable for them or base it around your comfortability preferences; they can just tell you which one they want.

However, ask if you are allowed to try out the mattresses first. There are shops that will allow you to lie down or sit on it just as long as a sales agent is around, while others totally prohibit it.

Research the mattress material

Before finalising your mattress order, you must first find out what it is made of. You can do a research first on what materials contain chemicals and are harmful to your kids. Then ask the sales agent what each mattress is made of and check whether they are on your list of harmful chemicals.

It would be wise to start your mattress shopping by asking the sales agent to see only those which are made from organic or natural resources like cotton, silk, wool, and even latex.

Buy brand new

Buying from second hand stores may not be the best choice when buying mattresses for your kids. Remember that what you are after is also durability. You want a mattress that will last for years, and this might mean splurging a bit to buy brand new ones. However, this does not mean you should buy expensive mattresses. Note that there are affordable mattresses which are of high quality, too.

Your kids’ health is the number one priority in everything. This means that even how and where they sleep should be taken cared of. Ensuring they sleep in the best possible bed mattress will contribute to their overall well-being, so always take the time to choose the perfect one for them.