Lifting beams are intended to give at least two focuses from the snare of the crane to lift and move loads. This is additionally a key component once you know the sort of load you need to deal with.

People from Aires are specialists in supplying all sort of beams from the easiest to the most complex ones, from 1,5t up to 490t, outlined and produced for any sort of load and they’re doing a great job in adjusting them to the requirements of the client.

In this article, you’ll find 6 safety tips to ensure you that your lifting beam has no problems and that you and your company are secure in this setting. Visit for the best services on market.

You’ll Sure be Working on an Safe Environment if you Follow these 6 Tips Regarding Lifting Beams -

Choose the correct sort of lifting beam

As a matter of first importance, before you pick the kind of lifting beam that you require, you must be certain about your venture’s genuine needs. You may need to give different lifting focuses, handle out of adjusting stacks or permit exceptional load connections.

At Airpes, there are numerous sorts of lifting beams and they can adjust their plan to your organization’s needs. Their clients are always listened to and kept updated and they always make requests regarding the lifting beams that totally fit your necessities.

They outline lifting beams, such as fixed lifting beams, h lifting beams, moveable focus of gravity lifting beams, hydraulic fueled lifting beams, lifting bars with leveling systems and motorized pivoting lifting beams

Make beyond any doubt that your heap is steady

At the point when the connection focuses on the heap are situated over the focal point of gravity, the heap will be steady without a doubt. In the event that the lifting beams associated with the heap by slings, you should take think about the heap, influencing it to stable.

Always remember safe use guidelines

Bear in mind about the nuts and bolts of security. It’s really important that you work in a safe environment.

Test your lifting beam

Before you can give it something to do, there’s nothing like a test in a sheltered situation. On the off chance that you, as of now, have a lifting beam that you have to check, reach Airpes and you can test it by yourself on their test bench.

Store and handle the lifting beams effectively

Capacity is essential, since the way you keep your lifting hardware characterize by what means will they perform later on. Ensure you do it effectively, so whenever you have to utilize it, it would work fine.

Keep a standard maintenance of the lifting beam

There are no huge necessities for the maintenance of lifting beams, yet it is imperative to review it frequently to keep away from any performance issues.