Cloud-based computing has changed the way small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) operate. With less of a need for software downloads and physical hardware, cloud services are becoming more popular by the day. Cloud faxing is one of these services, and it’s a great alternative to manual, traditional faxing. If you’re considering a move to cloud fax, consider the following SMB benefits.

Why SMBs Should Switch to Cloud Faxing - support, security, faxing, cloud

Greater Scalability

In today’s ever-changing business world, flexibility is essential. Cloud services, including faxing, are ideal for SMBs as they can easily and quickly meet customers’ needs thanks to the use of remote servers. When moving to cloud faxing, be sure to select a provider with flexible pricing and plans. With mFax, you’ll get access to a programmable API for faxes, as well as numerous other features.

Control Over Documents

With conventional faxing there’s no way to ensure that a document makes it to the right recipient—and that’s a risk most SMBs can’t afford to take. While email makes it easier to send documents to specific users or groups, file management can be challenging when multiple messages and attachments are involved.

Cloud faxing services allow users to group documents by folder and manage file access. With cloud-based faxing and contact management, companies can control documents in an easy, straightforward way.


Regardless of the industry a company is in, security is a crucial consideration. Conventional communication methods, such as email and manual faxing, are innately insecure because of the potential for human error. Similarly, tablets, laptops, and smartphones can be stolen or hacked. With a reliable cloud fax service, users get the reassurance that comes with knowing their data is protected as it’s stored. Be sure to choose a cloud fax service offering advanced security.

Easier Software Updates

Business management is a demanding task and can seem overwhelming when hardware and software updates are factored in. With cloud faxing and other services, business managers and owners will have fewer things to worry about. All updates are handled by the provider, including critical security patches. Look for a provider with seamless updates and high system uptime.

No Capital Expenditure

Physical faxes are going extinct as SMBs and larger companies are moving to cloud-based services. Without the need for paper, ink, and continuous maintenance, there’s almost no capital expenditure required to reap the benefits of cloud faxing. Some providers even offer free trials for an easier transition period.

Hassle-Free Collaboration

As cloud faxing allows companies and colleagues to work across documents in a timely and secure fashion, location isn’t a barrier to collaboration anymore. While it’s certainly possible to transmit documents via email and traditional fax, these methods aren’t as secure as cloud fax. Documents can be signed, annotated, and filed within the system, increasing productivity and streamlining workflows.

Seamless Support

Because there are multiple points of contact across platforms, there’s always support available with cloud faxing. No matter when a problem arises, whether it’s during the workday or in the middle of the night, there’s someone ready to help. Due diligence is important, so choose a provider who’s always there to lend a hand.

Make the Switch Today

SMB owners are increasingly focused on client relations and customer service, and to uphold that commitment, it’s important to ensure the continuity of mission-critical operations such as faxing. Moving from conventional to cloud faxing is one of the best decisions an owner can make when it’s time to go paperless.